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Cheshire Cat Grin part 2

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Alannah's Awakening - cont'd.

He was fantastic! Ringo was on fire that night, playing excellently. I got very excited and half way through the night, people started rushing to the stage. I knew that I HAD to get down there, but the aisles were so congested. I managed to wind my way through, got past security and ended up right underneath Ringo's microphone with my elbows on the stage. I was also very close to Greg Lake.

Greg Lake was fab! He put on a great show, but also made me feel very special because he kept looking over and smiling and nodding. I got a very dad-like vibe from him, and got the feeling that he was checking to make sure I was okay and not getting too smooshed. Anyway, that was my close encounter with a rockstar.

On a related note, Ringo sang 'Don't go where the road don't go' to me and called me lovely, Roger Hogeson [sic] winked at me and Ian Hunter smiled and danced to me. It was an amazing experience which I'll always hold with me. :)

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