Amy's Awe - cont'd.

Went back to my room and regrouped (made myself a drink & calmed down!). Couldn't sit still till concert time, so I went down to gamble a little and when the elevator door opened on the lobby, lo and behold, he was standing there alone in all his glory waiting for an elevator!!

I immediately became an overwhelmed, incoherent blonde idiot and did absolutely nothing to impress him other than to stutter and shake. He was beautiful, friendly, polite and did sign my CD sleeve, Love Greg Lake, XXX.

I then got to watch his concert right at the stage, and even being that close had to use my binoculars! Was Ringo Starr on stage with him? I've been in love with Greg Lake for 24 yrs. (yes, I'm 44) and my dream has finally come true!!! I am slowly regaining a natural rhythm to my heartbeat.

P.S. My husband still can't figure out my obsession, but lucky for him he tolerates it!!