Preston - Nov. 14, 2005 Review

Everything has already been said.

The show is perfect, sound quality tremendous; this is undoubtedly an exceptionally professional show, performed by magnificent musicians.

The backing singers (the two ladies; forgot their names at the mo) were exceptional - they sung glorious harmonies and descants to complement GL. In fact they were clearer and better than say Pink Floyd/Roger Waters girls.

With the girls you now had an added dimension to Greg's works - never heard on vinyl and CD.

You certainly are in for a treat for the remaining shows.

Whilst I was chatting to Florian - then sorry, knocked over his glass of red wine all over his jeans - howls of laughter from Florian and Greg - sorry lads!! - anyhow he said they were touring the UK again next year but can anyone confirm this? If so an additional treat.

GL was the gentleman we all believe and know - always making sure your camera had taken the pick, and iff duff no problem, obligingly allowing additional ones.

A hilarious comment he said to me, whilst wearing my Black Moon T shirt: "Blimey does that still fit you"...laughter.

They are a team who are thoroughly enjoying each other's company and performing exceptional music.

Florian is on a par with Steve Howe, his accoustic playing on "Take a Pebble" was awesome - what a player and what a really pleasant guy to meet.

David on keyboards producing some fantastic sounds so deep which you could feel right through your body - similar to Moby.

Drummer Brett had his kit miked up so well the bass drum was again thumping thru your body. Magnificent rythm.

Finally the mix of songs, as you have all seen, was excellent: ballads, anthems, rock and roll, heavy, was a very clever mix always changing the mood of the evening.

Welcome back, but the show did end but who knows... more to come?

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.

Regards and best wishes for Christmas and the future.

Andy Omrod