Anthony's Acquaintance

I asked my wife to ready the camera because a legendary musician was about to grace our presence. As he approached me I said, "Greg Lake, it's a pleasure to meet you, Iíd like to introduce my wife to you." He willingly put his hand out and asked me if I thought the line would take long for us to purchase tickets. I made the comment, "Greg, these are the best seats I've ever had to see you!" and we all laughed out loud. We talked about the tour with Ringo Starr, and then got into his playing days with ELP, and if they had planned any tours in the future.

I told Greg that his song "C'Est la Vie" was my favorite song from the Works CD and he thanked me for the comment. I offered to buy him a cold drink if I spotted him again that day but never hooked up with him again; however, I did have my photo taken with him. The memory Iíll never forget was talking about his playing with Keith Emerson, and Carl Palmer and discussing the Beatles, what could better. Well thatís it - hope you all enjoyed it.

All the best, Anthony Moreno