Q: We sent along our reporter Tommy Jasper to interview Greg Lake and and Tommy asked him if he was religious.

A: When you're very small you're indoctrinated... most children are indoctrinated, with the thought that if you don't believe in the almighty there's a terrible penalty to pay. And when I became of the age where I was able really to think of these things myself, it was, I think the line in that song actually reflects everything that I believe about the church.

<Recorded line from HYMN>

"Can you believe, GOD makes you breathe? Why did he lose 6 million Jews?"

A: I brush against, now and again against, the uh, against religion. Some things always, by degree upset me.

Q: Why does it upset you?

A: Uh, because I believe I can see through it.

Q: What is there that you think you see through?

A: Maybe because I'm an entertainer, I can relate to the same type of way in which the church's show is produced. Where you have a priest with a beam, a shaft of light coming on the back of his head in a pulpit and beautiful colors, and I see the collection afterwards, y'know,

Q: It's as if the church is built on a bag of tricks...are you not built on the similar sort of bag?

A: I suppose the format's very similar...their shows been running a long time, it must be very good...its basically the same thing....it has to do with color and content.

Q: What about the people who are listening or paying?

A: They're very different people. Me and God draw totally different audiences. When I started writing, we were observing all the things that are wrong in the world and that was one of the things that seemed to me to be terribly wrong, but I think since then I've grown out of it. I've become more, uh, probably introvert's the word. Instead of looking around the world and what I see as wrong and I wanna change, I now tend to look into myself...and see things that are wrong with myself....so I'm uh, maybe it's the process of growing up, I don't know. If I had a blind faith, I would be probably much happier. But I had a hidden security knowing what ever happened to me it would be all right. Everything would be ok, but I can't believe it. When we brought out JERUSALEM, people really were looking for a point behind it, y'know, and there really was none...we just did it because it was a beautiful song.

<recorded lines from JERUSALEM>

"I will not cease from mental fight, nor will my sword sleep in my hand...till we have built Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land."

(Thanks to J. Walker Grant for transcription)