Keith Emerson Interview, Spring 1978

Interviewer:  Keith Emerson is with us, if you've just joined us. Keith has told us, whatever rumor was floating this morning from, something from the press about a possible split in the group, that that is not true, and he is here as a matter of fact with the goodies; bringing along the new album which should be out late March or early April; somewhere in April maybe. We'll look forward to the new album and everything is fine. No tour for a while or anything, but the new album coming, right?

Keith Emerson:  That's right, yeah...yeah. In the meantime we're working on our equipment. <chuckles>

I:  And writing?

KE:  Of course, of course...writing.

I:  And taking some time off? To get a seven foot tiger shark!

KE:  Not really, not really time off....<chuckles>...well, yeah.

I:  That's not what most people do during their vacation, you know, 'cause I think if most people saw...that's a pretty good-sized shark.

KE: I think we all want to expand the media in which we write in; you know, we're interested in all sorts of things. I personally want to get into film music, and if that can involve the band, all well and good. We've all got things that we want to work at. Carl has shown aspirations toward becoming a singer <laughs>, which remains to be seen, and it can only add to the band's "thing" when we get back together.

I:  So he wants to do it with the drums or without?

KE:  I dunno, I guess he'll have a go at it! <chuckles>

I:  My, that's...add another...and see what happens.

KE:  Dimension...singing drummer. Sure.

I:  We've had a number of conversations in the past, most of the time with several members of the group. Last time you were here, there was a threesome, and I found that there was no inclination of anything at all, that something would happen. I think that people who have been together as long as you've been together; if there's any delay (and there might be a slight delay) in getting something together, to make sure that you, as a group, felt that it was quality and should be released. I think that know, I can see there being a delay in release of product, or whenever you feel like going on tour, I don't think people should go on tour until they really want to, and they're ready. I'm sure you guys've got that all together.

KE:  Yeah, well know...we'll tour when we're ready, and when we come up with something that can beat the last one.

I:  <Agrees> Keith, all I can say is, I thank you very much for coming by. It was very timely, because as it so happened, today that story appeared - not a story, really, it was kind of a one-liner. It may have been what they call a planted column, items or something like that where they, just to have something to print, they put it down. There wasn't anything specific; there wasn't anything definitive; there wasn't any source; there wasn't even a name involved.

KE:  No...

I:  "According to so and so, or according to such and such, or Keith Emerson, when contacted in New York, said this or that;" there wasn't really anything, it was just kind of a blind line.

KE:  Mere speculation. <laughs>

I:  Well, whatever, we're glad it's all rumor, and I thank you for taking the time out to come and say hello to us.

KE:  It's nice to be here again.

I:  If you're gonna be around in April or whenever the album comes, if anybody wants to come over you might bring the album over and then I would just take off the rest of the afternoon and you guys could introduce the album.

KE:  That would be very nice.

I:  Then I could go down the hall and get some work done.

KE: That's a good idea

I:  I'm not kidding, I'm serious.

KE:  No, no, I'm serious as well, fine.

I:  I mean, Elton John brought his album here, but I can't leave him in the studio alone, that's the only difference with Elton, because he'd steal all the albums out of the wall. Would you take all the albums, Keith? Really, would you take all our albums, and everything? He'd just pack them in a suitcase and take them right out. He's a record junkie, you know.

KE:  No, I've got enough.

I:  Actually, Elton in the studio alone would be dangerous. He'd be dangerous with other people in here too, you know? But he loves records and music and all.

KE:  <laughter>

I:  I don't mind having any of you guys come along, so please do; keep that in mind when we come up with the new album there in April or whenever it's going to be.

KE:  OK.

I:  And continued good health, stay well and keep writing. We're gonna do that other cut on the album that everybody likes.

KE: Thanks a lot, Scott.