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Happy Birthday

2001 Greg Lake Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, Greg! Here are some well wishes from your fans all over the world:

A very happy birthday to Mr. Greg Lake, without whom the musical world would be sadly lacking. Your wonderful voice and your excellent guitar and bass playing have made the world a better place. Thank you!

Dear Greg, On your birthday, I wish you joy and peace. Your music holds a very special place in my heart, and I wish you many more birthdays to come so that there will be more music to share :) Best wishes, Kate McClure

Happy Birthday Greg! Hope it will be your best ever :) Thanks for all the great music, looking forward to lots more!

All the best wishes for Your Birthday, Greg! And may all the great performances with the All Starr Band be of real inspiration in Your continued work!

All the best to your birthday Greg.

Hi Greg All the best on your birthday! I wish you all possible success in the future, and hope to hear new stuff from you yesterday, or preferably sooner:-) Save me a piece of cake will ya? Best wishes Even G Norway

Thanks for the years of great music.

Greg: Your music has given me many years of joy and happiness. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Claudia :-)

Have a wonderful "21st century" birthday, greg!!!!!!! Love you and the guys! Saw you here first at the Gardens on Thanksgiving, Nov. 22nd, 1973. Blown away! Also, saw "Works" tour, EL & Powell, 3, and ELP '96 - the latter here at Riverbend with some old buddies.

Happy birthday, Greg. The 1997 European ELP Tour still makes me remember the summer of that year as a very happy and exciting time. Regards - Nick

Happy Birthday Greg, We really enjoyed your show at the Ringo concert. Thanks for coming to OKC, come back soon.

Happy birthday, Greg. I was right in front of you in the third row at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. Have some great photos of you which I will share with your "ladies!" I hope you continue to enjoy professional success and personal joy. Remember in the 70s when all your tour equipment fell from the ceiling at one venue? Still a great tour to me! I think Closer to Believing is one of the most beautiful songs ever. Sandi

Happy Birthday from a soul who thanks you for opening hearts around the world with your voice and music.


Happy birthday, dear Greg! I wish you many years full of phantastic music! Regards, Frank Can't wait for your solo album :-)


Have a great birthday Greg, they start to get precious after a certain number of them. ELP lives forever as #1 band all-time :)

Happy Birthday Greg! With all best wishes from British Forces Cyprus fans Ian, Wendy and Fiona McIlroy xx

Hey Greg, Wishing you the happiest birthday ever... Ann

Greg, Best wishes for a great birthday. But after that get on with your album & tour. Then back with Kieth & Carl! Tom McHale

Hi Greg, how's it hanging??

Happy birthday, and many happy returns Greg!

Hey Greg, Happy Birthday. I hope you get cool presents. The Ringo show was great. Keep on rocking. Sincerely, Josh Leibowitz Boca Raton, FL

Happy Birthday Greg!

happy birthday greg! i'm one of your biggest fans. your the greatest!hope you have a great birthday! lots of love; anne knorr

Happy birthday Greg - have a great day and hope to see you soon!

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday, Greg... and my deepest hopes that the next year will be a musically fruitful one! It was great to see you in concert this year with Ringo, et. al., but I'm still holding out hope for a show of another sort (the kind that never ends). In other words, get back on that phone to Carl and Emo! :) Sincerely, Heather

Hi Greg, From Holland this greeting for your birthday. Birthdays are moments or looking forward but also for loocking back. For a part we share the same memory from the wonderful repertoire of ELP. Thanks for that mate !!! Chers, Marcel

My most sincere "Happy Birthday" wishes to you Greg. Thank you for all the wonderful musical moments. Keep those birthdays and the music coming. And, stop by ELP-DISC to sneak a peek at what your fans have to say... markyd

Happy Birthday Greg. Have a good one. Enjoyed seeing you with Ringo this year, hope to see you again soon. My birthday is the 13th. If you want to stop by and perform at my party, that's cool with me. I would offer to perform at yours, but I don't think you want to hear me sing. Tim

I feel pretty confident that NOBODY wants to hear Tim sing.

Happy Birthday Greg Wishing you happiness always. And thanking you for the happiness you give me each and everytime I hear any one of the many great musical moments you have give to me and all of us fans. Be well Anthony

long live you.youre the greatest rock singer.TARKUS

Very Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Greg, from 'sunny' Rochdale. By the way, how do you fancy a 'Birthday Gig?' We're lacking a Bassist at the mo, and you ARE familiar with the set!!

Here's to wishing you a wonderful birthday. May it be the continuance of a long and healthy life filled with good luck, joy, prosperity, music, and laughter. And may the most that you wish for be the least that you receive.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME!! You're getting better every year! Meeoow! Have a great day, Love & kisses - Amy

Dear Greg: I'm glad we got to see each other in Atlantic City (I have to remind you where, because I know you won't remember!) I'm also glad that you had so much fun on the Ringo tour...what a great group you all were! Suzi had a nice time talking to Ian, he's very down to earth. Can you believe these women created a web site just for you? Yeah I know, a dream come true...girls, girls, girls! Have a wonderful give Natasha a big hug! Love, Patt Christiansen

Happy Happy Birthday ! ! ! So when are you going on tour again and would you be coming through Tennessee. Have a great birthday!

As I also have birthday on the same day, Happy birthday to us, Greg !!!

Happy Birthday! Glad to see you were having fun on the Ringo tour! Best wishes to you and your family.

Happy Birthday, Greg! From your friends and fans at the ELP Digest.

All the best to you

greg thanks for the wonderful music over the years , heres to the next 53 years regards mike west

Happy Birthday Greg. I saw you at the St. Louis All Starr concert. You looked and sounded terrific! The only disappointment is that Ringo let you sing only three songs. Look forward to seeing you when you tour the States again. Happy birthday and many more!

Dear Greg; Happy Birthday and thanks for the memories and the music, both of which will last many a lifetime. Regards, Steven

Happy Birthday!!

hope you enjoy you birthday can not wait you your new music best wishes

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