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2003 Greg Lake Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings to Greg Lake, Nov. 10, 2003:

Happy Birthday Greg! Here's hoping it's your best ever, and many more to come. You rock! Hugs, E.

Dear Greg, As before, I wish you another year filled with joyful things, and may there be many, many more! As always, on your birthday, I am reminded of how much your music means in my life. Becoming a part of your website's fan community has enriched my life in ways I never imagined. Have a happy, happy birthday, Greg! Birthday hugs, Kate

Greg, thanks for all the great music - have a happy birthday, and many more!

Have a good un!

All the best today and in the years to come,you master musician and wordsmith!!!

I was horribly disappointed when Carl told me a few nights ago that you would not be joining him on stage at his upcoming London show..Actually disappointed is too mellow of a word. Anyway, please please please show up for the gig...or the Bournemouth one, and we will give you the best birthday greeting anyone has ever had...I promise. I love you very much, miss you horribly and wish you the best birthday ever...... With Much Love, Linda

Happy, happy birthday, Greg.

Happy Birthday Greg! And thank you for the wonderful music you have brought to us fans. Howard

Happy Birthday Greg!

Greg, have a great birthday. Hope work on the new material/albums is going well, we are anticipating some really good stuff! Keep well and best wishes to you and yours. Mick

Greg, I wish you many happy returns. Please enjoy your day and hopefully it is spent with the ones you love. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have made through the years. Rose Fiordelisi

Dear Greg, I want to thank you for all the years of your music, your voice, and whatever the future has in store. Here's wishing you the best birthday ever, and may all your wishes come true! *Cyber hugs* Carolyn

Dear Greg, Just wanted to take a moment and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You Sir are without a doubt THE greatest vocalist of all time. I consider myself very,very lucky because i was blessed enough to see E,L,P 6 times in my life.And whenever there were new releases,I was first in line when the store opened. You,Keith And Carl were the soundtrack to my life. Still are,really. So,HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG!!!!! I hope it's a great one,and i hope you have many,many more. A FAN ALWAYS, CARL WILLIAMS P.S. My girlfriend says thanks for "karn evil 9" And your christmas song. She also sends birthday wishes.

Dear Greg, I hope you enjoy your Birthday, my fellow Scorpio! I wish you much Happiness and for your dreams to become reality with in your grasp. Have a beautiful year!! Fondly, Marianne

From the whole family, wishing you a life full of love and tranquility. (Especially the son who "attended" the Universal Amphitheater August '92 show one week before his due date.) And, of course, hoping to take him to see you that he can actually watch the show!

Have a great day big man...."From The Begining" to the end. love you & your music. Sincerely. Mike.

Happy Birthday from the Land of the Midnight Sun! Looking forward to your new album!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Keep productive and stay healthy!!! page

You have provided many hours of listening pleasure with your music. I was also privileged to see you perform on 4 occasions (Frankfurt, Germany 1974/El Paso, Texas 1978 & 1986/Universal Amphitheater 1992). I hope to hear more music from you in the future. Until then I will continue to play your music regularly. I wish you all the best as you celebrate another birthday. John Langdon

Hey you old fart!!!! Welllll, yuh get better with age anyways! Looking forward to seeing you on stage soon!! Happy birthday!!! Cheers!!! Sconi

Long live ELP !!!!!

Happy Birthday, Greg. Gil Whaler BTW, what is your opinion of the music of Steven Halpern?

Many Happy Returns Greg ( Hows the solo album doing?)

For the one person who has made so many contributions to his art.. the voice that has captured a segment of time, and still makes women fall to their knees...a toast to you. F.Y.I..Your solo work with Gary is my all-time favorite.. Michael Smith Chandler,AZ

Dear Greg Happy birthday to you! I have been your fun since 1972. I love your music. Have a great birthday and hope to see you on tour in Tokyo. Best wishes

Have a very Happy Birthday and Many More. You've always been one of my favorites and hope to hear more from you, Greg. Best Wishes to You and Yours Ceci

Happy birthday, Greg. Have a great one (and many more to come!)XXX

Here's hoping this message finds you in good cheer and good health. Your work has given me enless hours of pleasure over the years and I am sure I'll still be listening till the end of my days. Thank you. Very Best Wishes.. susan.

Happy Birthday, Greg. Thank you for the many years of music, talent, and inspiration you've given the world, and here's a birthday wish for many more. Happy fishing, too. db

Very Best Wishes, Have a great day.

Greg, Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the great music.

Dear Mr Lake, Many happy returns of the day. May God richly bless you. Thank you for all the years of music. Sergio

Best wishes Greg. Thanks for all the great music that you've given us. And thanks for showing me, at an early age, that my taste in music need not conform to the mainstream of the masses.

Happy birthday Greg, many happy returns.

Just a simple HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG...from a fan of yours from way back. Hope it is a great one! You are loved!

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Mr.Lake. You are an amazing vocalist & a well skilled bass player. Your years with King Crimson & Emerson, Lake, & Palmer were very well acomplished. I hope you consider a new music project within the year, if you don't there is not pressure! Best wishes to you! Regards, Alexander.

Happy Birthday Greg! :)

Happy Birthday, Greg!! I am having a "rediscovery" of ELP these days, being as my husband purchased your "Welcome Back" DVD. As a pre-teenager, I loved listening to your music, especially your singing and guitar playing, and had never seen what you look like! It has been a great pleasure actually watching you sing! Have a wonderful birthday, and a great year ahead!! You were born the same year my parents wed - an important year in the history of the world!! (It's a beautiful, clear night here in the Eastern U.S., and we are enjoying a beautiful lunar eclipse right now.)

Greg, How about a little tour for us so that we can help you celebrate!!!!

Happy Birthday Greg! I hope that the strongest voice on earth will be heard loud and clear again all over the world. Christian

I am a Scorpio, just like YOU and I wish you a very very happy birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Greg!

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