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2005 Greg Lake Birthday Greetings

Dear G, Happy birthday! I hope you're having fun on the tour. We're having a blast reading all of the great reviews of your shows! Enjoy your day off. Love, E.

Happy Birthday G!! Have a great day! Much love, ~T

Hey Gregorio! Can you believe it's time to wish you Happy Birthday again? What an eventful year this has been for you!!! Here's to the coming year bringing you more opportunities to share your special gifts with us. Hope to see you sometime in the months ahead. Have a wonderful birthday... Hugs, K

Keep Rocking, Brave Sir. Glad to see you on the road again, giving your talents to a savvy audience. I hope this birthday, and tour, gives you as much fun and pleasure as you've given thousands upon thousands of fans over the years.

Best wishes for your birthday, best wishes for the days and years to come. Thank you for the music that's been part of my life from long ago in high school years and into the future.

Best Wishes Greg, Birthdays allow reflection. You are loved by many, that is a nice reflection. Happy Birthday, Woody

happy birthday Greg!!! thanks for all the great music, and keep it up!

Another year has passed since we all sent birthday greetings to you and I sincerely hope this will be an exceptional time of year for you again. I'm reminded of you & ELP on my way to work daily. Even though the venue site of the California Jam at the old Ontario Motor Speedway was torn down in the 80's, that particular day (sights & sounds) will never be forgotten. An amazing show, indeed!!! Thanks again for all the many tremendous years of musicianship you've provided to all the fans worldwide. Have a safe & fun Birthday, Greg!!

Greg, a happy birthday and all the best wishes for you and your family! It is so great to see you back "on the road" again. Us fans certainly missed you. I have not been able to attend one of your UK shows, but from what I have read on the GL forum it is superb! But there was no doubt in my mind that it would be anything but perfect. A perfectionist like yourself can only come up with perfect music. Greg, thanks for all those years of beautiful music and showing me what music is all about. ELP has been my number one band from the moment I came in touch with your music and I am sure that will never change. My respect and admiration for all three of you is huge! One very big THANK YOU! Enjoy every day of your life Greg. Cheers. Steven van Graafeiland

Greg, Have a wonderful birthday! Congratulations on the tour -- may you enjoy many more happy years of making music! Karen

Dear Mr. Lake, all the best for the birthday. Get the music tuned and please come to Germany soon. Dissapointment about the cancelled shows was ever so big. Again all the best Peter

Now it's our time to sing for you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lots of love from Mary =^-^=

Hope you have a great birthday. Thanks for the excellent tour. Many happy returns. All the Best. Mark and Sue

Dear Greg, Happy Birthday, and the very best of wishes for a wonderful year ahead! We in the States eagerly await news of your tour coming here, as memories of ELP and The Greg Lake Band concerts play fondly in our minds. Lots of luck with your new tour and new band! And, most importantly, thank you for the incredible music and emotions you have brought to our lives. God Bless! With Love and Admiration, Lori-Marie Hamilton, lifelong fan

Hoping your birthday is as wonderful a day for you as 2 November was for me and many other fans at Newcastle City Hall. Have a great day! Fran xx

Bonne Fte Greg! Happy Birthday! Once again, it is time to sing you the famous and traditionnal Quebecois birthday song: "Mon cher Greg, c'est ton tour de te laisser parler d'amour". May this year brings you happiness and success in this tour, and in everything that you want to achieve. I really hope to see you and your band in Montreal next year, and finally meet you. Cheers! Sincerly from Sylvie

Greg, Thank you for all the great music thru out the years! A Happy Birthday and many more to come! Regards, Lou Padula New Jersey

Happy Birthday Greg. After viewing the pictures of you and your family on the website, I must say that you seem to be truly a lucky man. On the other hand, I often feel like a lucky man myself through the many times I have had the privilege of seeing you in concert (10 times). Your music and lyrics have always provided much enjoyment to me through the years. Greg, enjoy this day and take the time to have a nice drink of wine. All the best and hope to see you again in Montreal, James

Hello Greg ! Happy Birthday To YOU ! How funny the world can be........ Walk up this morning and first thing I did was to play my new DVD with ELP from Montreux Jazz Festival 1997, I bought a Couple a weeks ago, then turn my Mac on and then there was this letter where I could give my greetings to You ! So have a Nice Birthday and best to you for the new Year ! Kind Regards Lars Boutrup/Denmark ps. I meet with one of my good friends tomorrow and then we have a nice dinner and some good wine and then we shall wacth your DVD, its gonna be a very nice evenning !

Happy Birthday Greg. I will shortly get to see and maybe meet you for the first time, having been a fan for over 30 yrs...and I can't wait! Have a wonderful Birthday xx

Happy 29th Birthday (again!). I hope you have a great birthday! Even though I have never had the pleasure of seeing you perform live, your music has helped me through some pretty difficult times in my life and for that I am very greatful. I have always admired your singing and songwriting talents very much. Best wishes for your upcoming tour and hope you will come "across the pond" in the coming year! Cheers! Stephanie

Happy birthday and many more, Mr. Lake, from a fellow November-born Scorpio and a fan for nearly ten years.

Dear Greg: Your timeless songwriting and musical prowess have both been a big inspiration to me. Your devotion to noble causes has also been commendable and the world is perhaps a better place because of it. I've seen you in concert with ELP several times, but hopefully you'll come across the pond and play here in America, so that I can see the new show. Happy birthday and many more with best wishes throughout the upcoming year. John

Happy birthday well another year with a talented singer that i have been listening to for what I call forever .... Glad to see you are touring again and everthing is going great ...have a great birthday Jerry Beller :ELP tribute drummer for Knife Edge

Best Wishes on your Birthday Greg , Thanks again for signing the cd & posing for the photo at the stage door at Newcastle City Hall the other day! The concert was great, I feel sorry for the people who missed such an excellent gig both you & the band were on top form, anyway thanks again and hope for even better things from you in the future... Cheers Craig.

A very Happy Birthday Greg! I hope it is a nice and quiet day for you to enjoy with your family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG!!! Have a great day. Congratulations on the brilliant tour you have put together! I hope you continue to enjoy yourself and keep up the great work. Happy Birthday!

hope you have a great time and i would just like to say that the tunbridge wells show was so good that i am going to the one at dartford, take care and all the best

Happy birthday, Greg. I wish the best to you and all those close to you, lots of love, health and happiness for the years to come. I am looking forward to see you live in and around Montreal, Quebec, for it has been such a long time since I had the chance to see you live, so if you have a chance to add our city to your tour schedule,a city which has always welcomed you as a member of E.L.P. or as a solo artist, you can be sure that they're will be a lot of people to applause you and somewhere in that vast audience, I will be there. In the meantime, I wish you the best, happy bithday man !

Best wishes to your birthday and thank you for a fantastic gig in Edinburgh. We are the germans, who have travelled to Scotland to see you and your great band. It was really a sensational concert with great new arrangements. Thank you very much indeed and all the best for you and your band! Achim Kaiser and Nives Sunara

Lot of changes this year for both of us. I wish you, Greg, a very happy birthday and a very successful tour. I'll see you there soon!

Happy Birthday Greg! May all the best to you and may you have a great year ahead. So look forward to having you back here in the states to perform! All the best to you on this special day Jim ( Snaproll ) Davies

Hi Greg, I hope you have a really great birthday and a mega successful tour, with thanks for all the sublime music you've always created. All the best mate, Colin

Muchas felicidades Greg

Your music is timeless, just like you! Brand new year, brand new tour. I wish you all the happiness and best wishes for you and your's in all that you do! Love, Carla

Happy Birthday, Greg! Continued success on your current tour.

Happy Birthday Greg...hope it is great! And thanks always for the years of joy you and your music have brought me. Cheers!

Greg, All the best to you on your special day! Your music continues to entertain and amaze me and my family. Your voice can calm me on even the most stressful of days! God bless you!

Greetings Greg, Your music has proven to be beyond time and in fact, even in some sense, prophetic. I wish you all the extreme happiness and pleasure you have given us, and though I am not suppose to say, please come to the U.S. of A. We Love You Always - Debbie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gregory Stuart we are the same age my friend.Good to see you at Edinburgh when you signed my copy of "I Believe In Father Christmas" single & sheet music,bless you.See you in Croydon. Hope you have a good day.Very Best Wishes. Mike.

Hi Greg! I wish you all the best for the future. I'm a loyal fan from the very beginning of ELP. I think it's fantastic to know you took the stage again after such a long time. I hope to see you soon in Germany (already had a ticket for the postponed tour). I'm also looking forward to your new CD releases. Good luck! Your friend Joerg

Happy Birthday Greg !!!!! Max

Very best wishes for your birthday and a huge thank you for the wonderful show (Southend), all the obvious hard work was really very much appreciated.

Happy Birthday Greg! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet your fans after the newcastle gig which was fantastic! I have been a fan for years but never thought I'd meet you! You were so kind in taking the time to autograph some lyrics and the programme for me and even helped with the photos! If that wasn't enough I even got a kiss!!! What can I say, I loved you then and I love you now. Have a beautiful birthday! Love Sandra xxx

Thanks for the tour - great new arrangements of our favourites - have a great birthday - keep playing the magic on your guitar! See you in Dartford!!

Happy Birthday!

Hello Greg, Boldog Szletsnapot!

Happy Birthday Greg! I admire your musicianship and songwriting - I am looking forward to possibly seeing you perform again. I saw you last with Ringo Starr in 2001 in OKC. Kindest Regards, Clyde

Happy Birthday, Greg! May your day be filled with much love, happiness and beautiful music. Thanks for sharing your music with the world.

Hi Greg, happiest of birthdays. These people tell me not to ask you about ELP reunion, so I'll just ask about Sabbath reunion. Do you think it'll happen? Sorry mate, just pulling your leg. Cheers!

HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY GREG!! And congratulations on your tour! I hope to see you soon!! Lots of love, Carolyn

Hope you have a very special birthday and I'm looking forward to seeing you sometime soon in the US.

Happy Birthday to a trumpeted, inspiring angel. From a girl who loved you when she was 9, and is still very fond of you (though I'm older), I might add.

Dear Mr.Lake; Happy 58th birthday to you and best of luck on your current tour. I hope ,along with many others, to see you tour America soon enough. Best wishes, Chris 'Stout' Harnedy

Dear Greg, I hope you have the BEST birthday ever. I wish you the very best on your tour and hope you will be coming this way soon. I remember the last time you had your solo band out on tour. You were schedualed to come to Milwaukee, however the show was canceled. If you do make it to the states this time, I truely hope and pray you will come to Milwaukee. We love you here. Take care and have a great birthday. Sing-cerely yours, Sandra Buckett

Happy Happy Birthday Greg! (I have a fake email, but I know youre so polite)..... And many more lucky ones ~

Make a wish for your birthday--your greatest wish--and it has to come true. For all the pleasure you have given others in this life, you will absolutely get all your wishes!!! To me, you are still the most goregous man in the world--a gift of the gods. (I've been smitten with you since 1973, you handsome, talented devil!!) Have a FANTASTIC birthday, Greg!!! Kind regards, Carol

Have a great birthday, and thank you for all the years of entertainment, and pleasure you have given to all of us. I'll drink a toast to you on Thursday.

Thanks for another year of music and renewed activity!


A big Happy Birthday, with of course wishes for many more, in fact for as many as you would like to have

Happy Birthday Greg!! Thanks for all the wonderful music, all these years! I saw ELP in Tucson in 1974. I will never forget that incredible evening! Then; I saw you again in 2001 with Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band in Robinsonville, MS. You handed me one of your guitar picks. That was a wonderful evening! Please do a U.S. tour, if you can!!! We would love to see you here!!! Kindest Regards, Greg

Happy Birthday to Greg Lake! Your website and touring updates are state-of-the-art online.

Hi Greg, I hope your special day finds you contented with loved ones and all that makes you happy. If your tour keeps you from the ones you love, just check out your web site. It makes me happy to see that you have lots of love from all over the globe. You have been kind to your fans and are deserving of every bit of it. I have wanted to meet you for... a long time. Knowing that you will read this will have to do until then. Happy Birthday, Greg. From Trish

Happy Birthday Greg! I saw you in Nottingham and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I hope I won't offend you but you look much better today than when I saw you in Paris (yes, I'm French...) in 1992 and 1997. It seems you have become YOURSELF... so please keep up the good work. Please do NOT think of an ELP reunion: past things should be left behind once for all as they prevent new things to happen! ELP music was and is still great but I'm desperate to hear L music now (and also E music by the way, I hope he will eventually realize what an outstanding composer he is...). Anyway, have a great day Greg! Best wishes from Catherine

Greg, Happy Birthday! Here's to many more great years. All the Best, Josh (lebotarkus on "the board")

Happy Birthday Greg.I am glad to see you touring again! Tom.

Happy Birthday Greg. Thanks for all your inspiration. Greetings also from Jamie and Kevin, the other two members of Seven Virgins & A Mule - Canada's only ELP tribute.

My best wishes for my favourite bass player!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Greg! I don't know what I can wish you expect all the best I can :) I just say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for all you do and for all you've done. Your music is great, your lyrics are wonderful! I'm so sorry, my English isn't very good, so sometimes I can't even find right words but I hope you'll understand what I want to tell you :):) So, happy Birthday, and let me wish you all the best from the deep of my heart! Suzanna. P.S. My band "Hard Day's Night", my friends and my husband join my wishes :):):) P.P.S. I still remember your message to Ukrainian people - Thank you!

Best wishes to you, Greg. You rock! Best, Conrad

Dear Greg, I hope you have a very wonderful birthday. Have a drink for all of us!!!!! Terri

Hello Greg! ::raising wine glass:: Here's to a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and continued success on your current tour! See you soon on this side of the pond! love, Mary Ann

Happy Birthday, Greg. I got to see you play with Ringo's All Stars on tv. Good to see you, again. Good luck with your current tour. Thanks for everything you've done in the past and good luck on future projects. Mark T

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day and fantastic year!

My very best wishes to your birthday Greg. May health and luck be at your side. Gudrun

Happy Birthday Greg! Have a great birthday. Your beautiful music brings me happiness and joy. I am looking forward to seeing you perform in Tokyo. Best wishes and Love,Yuko.

All the best Greg, Great reading the reviews by the fans regarding the tour - missed the gig in Edinburgh due to work committments out here - C'est la Vie - maybe next time????? Highland Warrior

happy birthday greg.Thanx for a terrific show in highwycombe and looking forward to seeing the band {fabulous musicians} again in stevenage.I'm bringing my 8yr old son{Greg} and my 18yr old daughter along this time.good luck with the rest of the tour. PS got the backstage dvd this morning---fantastic.See you all on Friday.

Many, many happy returns Greg. What a fabulous show it was in Manchester this Monday and it was great to meet you after the show. You're the man! Come back soon, Lisa x0x0x0x

Happy Birthday Greg, may it be a wonderful one and one of many many more. Thanks for a whole load of happy memories. Love and best wishes Rachel x

Happy Birthday Greg! Thanking you for all the music you have given us in the past, and all the music you still give us today. I hope that your birthday is wonderful!

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