Blane's Brush - cont'd.

My friend and I had waited at the stage door and were lucky enough to get on the Tour Bus to meet the band. We met Greg and Gary for a couple of minutes only. With time being so short - and me being only 16 and awestruck (!!) - all I could ask was 'when are ELP getting back together'. Greg, as I remember, was very polite and fobbed me off gently with the usual 'who knows what may happen in the future' line.

I bore my wife rigid with that story every so often - I am delighted to have found the ticket stub again!!

BTW - it was a great show - sold out, or as near as, damnit. Our seats were excellent, front row of the Circle, so the sound and line of sight were incredible!! The Playhouse is an old theatre that holds around 3,000 people and has a geat atmosphere - that night was one of the best gigs I have ever experienced.

Maybe one day we'll get another chance!!??

All the best, Blane