Brian's Bash - cont'd.

In the summer of 1992 Emerson, Lake, and Palmer toured with their recent "Black Moon" release and played at the Sunken Gardens Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. Having never been to this location, I discovered that Sunken Gardens is the really just an outdoor stage at the San Antonio Zoo, thus creating a Spinal Tap-esque event (Tonight: ELP...and puppet show! HA). The opening band, Bonham (led by the dead Led Zeppelin drummer's son Jason Bonham) did their assigned job by being the absolute worst band ever, therefore the audience couldn't WAIT for the main act: ELP.

The ELP show was superb. The encore was Copland's "Fanfare" evolving into an Emerson organ-bash fest featuring excerpts of Bach's "Toccata". I helped initiate a mosh pit in front of the stage with several dozen people, most of whom were a good 15-20 years older than me (I was a 21 year old college student at the time). At the show's end one of the older gentlemen who got sucked into the mosh gave me a high five and screamed "Rock-n-roll forever MAN!"

After the show my friend Patrick & I were accidentally separated from another friend while walking back to the parking lot. We were basically lost and decided to jump behind a row of bushes to look for our car. Instead we stumbled upon some tour buses where none other than Emerson, Lake AND Palmer THEMSELVES (and no one else) were 20 feet away from us.

Emerson jumped on the bus quickly but Mr. Lake & Mr. Palmer were kind enough to shake our hands and talk very briefly. I told Mr. Lake how I really enjoyed his music and he replied in a Brit accent, "Thank you. You're very kind. Very kind indeed." He even signed my ticket stub with someone's borrowed pen as I wasn't prepared for such an event.

I haven't shared this story with too many people so thanks for the opportunity.

Brian Baggett - Abilene, TX