Bryce's Birthday - cont'd.

Well, I was told, for my birthday we may get backstage passes, which we did! After an incredible performance from the three, we went backstage to look around before DP took the stage, and then I look over and here is Greg Lake talking to people and smiling.

After dying to shake their hands for 27 years I just naturally gravitated to him. I walked up to him and said "Hello, Mr. Lake, it's an honor to meet you, you put on a killer show tonight, and I have seen you perform a dozen shows going all the way back to the Hollywood Bowl show, where Keith fell between the boards covering the fountain."

He got a kick out of that memory and suggested I talk to Keith about it. I looked over and there was Keith, but before I talked to Keith, I spoke with Greg for a good 15 minutes. He is a great guy, very funny, and he really listened to me and responded to my questions. I enjoyed that 15 minutes very much and it just made that birthday "the best!!!"

Thanks Greg, for that, and thanks Kate for giving me the vehicle to tell him how I feel! This is one FOREVER Greg Lake fan!!