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LeSoleil, Aug. 5, 1992

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Wednesday August 5th 1992, p. B7


Bilodeau, Michel

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Sylvie Turgeon and James Hatch



Tonight at the Agora du Vieux-Port - Emerson Lake & Palmer return after 12 years

Returning to the stage after being away for 12 years! Quite a challenge for Emerson Lake & Palmer according to an interview with Greg Lake. A challenge that allows the trio, who will be performing on-stage tonight at the Agora du Vieux-Port, to fulfill an old dream: performing their music with much better sound than was available way back when.

How does one feel on the first day of a tour that marks the recent return to the stage of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer?

"Very, very nervous. I think that it is absolutely normal after being away for twelve years. The fans are expecting a lot and we do not want to disappoint them. On the first night of the tour in Philadelphia, we were really nervous and with the technology involved in the concert, we were wondering if everything would go well. We were saying to each other that surely something is going to go wrong", recounts Greg Lake in an interview.

The singer continues by stating how happy he was by the response the group has received since they began the tour. "It is really touching. The public is so generous that we feel like were among family. The butterflies quickly disappear."

A dream that becomes reality

If Lake and his buddies were a bit "worried" about the technology involved in the tour (MIDI systems, computers), they were nevertheless quite happy about the many possibilities that it provided them. They who, during the Seventies, afforded themselves the luxury to perform with a full symphony orchestra can now fulfill an old dream.

"It is like a dream become reality. In the Seventies, we could only imagine the sound we would have on stage. It was difficult to have more than a few keyboards on tour. Nowadays and with all the available technology, our ideas are easy to fulfill. If we want to, it is possible to have the sound of forty synthesizers. The sound is much richer on stage than it used to be," states Greg Lake.

In the same breath, the singer underlines the fact that the technology does not necessarily change the music. The singer maintains that "We have remained true to the arrangements of the original compositions. It is this possibility of enriched sound that makes the whole difference."

Speaking of the music, what can we expect from ELP tonight?

"We will be performing four or five songs from Black Moon and then, we will be performing nearly all the tracks that the public wants to hear, such as 'Lucky Man,' 'Tarkus' and excerpts from 'Pictures at an Exhibition.'"

Will the band be recording a few of the concerts from this tour?

"Not only record, but film as well. Some of the scenes from this tour will be used for the creation of a documentary currently in production". Greg Lake hopes that this documentary recounting the saga of ELP will be available early next year.

Other projects?

"As soon as the tour is over, I expect to take a few weeks off after which we will be back in the studio. We already have a few good ideas and we will take advantage of the sound checks before the concerts to try new things. We are constantly working while on tour. I do not know if it is the best way to do things, but it is ours", concludes Greg Lake.

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