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LeSoleil, Aug. 6, 1992

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Thursday August 6th 1992, p. Ag


Bilodeau, Michel

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Sylvie Turgeon and James Hatch



For 5000 loyal fans at the Agora, Emerson Lake & Palmer revive the good old days

More than 5000 people invaded the Agora last night to see and relive the works of Emerson Lake & Palmer. The fabulous progressive trio revived an entire era for an audience that was clearly devoted and ready for the reunion.

It was rather cool last night on the shores of the Saint-Lawrence, but the fans were able to enjoy one of the rare dry nights we have had this summer.

Bonham tried to warm up the air with its Zeppelin-type rock without actually managing to raise the crowd to its feet. Very politely applauded by the public, Bonham was not exactly what this group of fans wanted to hear.

As a last resort, Jason Bonham and his buddies performed their version of a classic Led Zeppelin song, but to no avail.

The crowd was patiently awaiting the arrival of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer, who were warmly greeted by a standing ovation.

The crowd was theirs. After only a few songs, Keith Emerson, who was surrounded by analog keyboards from the good old days, took quite a risk when he sat down at the piano to cool things down a bit.

No problem. ELP's fans are there for the music and witness the works of this incredible machine, who, during the seventies, were the bearers of the British progressive flame and they surely had a lot of material to work with.

With a background of ancient columns, the three musicians satisfied themselves by performing a few tracks from their new album and satisfied the nostalgic with their beacon songs.

By the way and with respect to tradition, Keith Emerson added some color to the show, which felt a little static (all three musicians remain in place most of the time) by throwing his organ all over the place. Great to see them back again.

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