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LeSoleil, Jan. 10, 1993

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Arts and Entertainment, Sunday January 10th 1993, p. A12


Bilodeau, Michel

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Sylvie Turgeon and James Hatch



At the Albert-Rousseau hall on January 26th

After 14 years of silence, Emerson Lake & Palmer are back in force

Greg Lake, Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer, who will be performing at the Albert-Rousseau hall on January 26th, have been very busy since the release of their comeback album Black Moon. The power trio has performed nearly 100 concerts, recorded a live album and collaborated in the production of a documentary.

In June, after nearly 14 years of absence, ELP, one of the most important groups of the British progressive music scene, decided to give it another shot with their Black Moon album. Based upon the high demand from everywhere for the power trio, this seems to have been the right decision.

They have performed nearly 100 concerts and have produced the live album Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live At the Royal AIbert Hall, which should be available in a few days.

"It was important for us to record the performance at the Royal Albert Hall. It was quite heartwarming to perform back home in such a prestigious venue. We are very proud. Nearly the entire set is included except for Pictures at an Exhibition", explains Greg Lake in an interview.

And it is not over yet. For a month, the power trio will be traveling throughout Canada; from there, they will travel to South America where they will perform for the first time ever in Brazil and Argentina.

"We have been warned that the fans there are very warm, enthusiastic and quickly get excited. I cannot wait to see it for myself", states an enthusiastic Greg Lake.

In the same breath, Lake tells us that for the next few months the group's schedule includes more than sixty shows and that most of the summer is already booked.


If all seems to be going well for Emerson, Lake and Palmer (the concert tickets are selling rather well, which can also be said about the album), there must be something that has disappointed the three musicians since their return?

"Yes, one thing: the reaction of some of the media. Radio and also MTV to be exact. I am personally disappointed to notice the major lack of imagination from those involved in radio. Our songs are not aired under the pretext that they do not fit into the station's sound and that the listeners will not like them.

"It is a shame to see how little effort is being deployed. It is not healthy and I am not just talking about us. People are tired and want to hear something new and refreshing. We cannot change anything, but nevertheless we are not and never will be a 'hit' group. We will continue to win fans through our live performances", states Lake.

Moreover, the singer estimates that with the release of the live album and the documentary, ELP will be very busy for quite a while.

Lake speaks with a lot of enthusiasm about the documentary on the trio's saga, which should be available on video tape in a few weeks.

"There are a lot scenes from our concert at the Royal Albert Hall as well as footage from old concerts and television shows. Our entire story is in it. This might seem curious, but there are things in there that I had never seen before."

Studio Album

Despite a very busy schedule, Lake is already talking about ELP's next studio album.

"We have already started working on new material. We are taking advantage of our sound checks to try out new ideas. By the end of the tour, probably in the fall, we will begin working more seriously and enter the recording studio."

With such an agenda, is there still room for a solo project?

After a brief hesitation, Lake confirms that in fact he is thinking about producing an album. Which brings about the question with whom? Does he already have a producer and musicians in mind?

"For the time being, I would rather not discuss this at any length", concludes Lake.

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