ELP 25th Anniversary Convention Programme, 9th Sept. 1995

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer: The Band The Critics Loved to Hate

The Musical Tribute

For your delectation and delight we present two fine bands who wish to perform their musical tribute to Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Neither of these bands is a "tribute" band in the generally accepted meaning of the term. They do not set out to "mimic" their heros in the way of "The Bootleg Beatles" or "Bjorn Again". Rather they seek to recreate some of the power and energy in ELP's music which somehow only becomes unleashed during live performance. At the same time each band has put its own interpretation to the arrangements instead of slavishly recreating the original studio performance note for note.

In the absence of any touring by ELP during 1994/5 it is wonderful to be able to include two bands at the Convention who can perform the music of ELP with technical skill and panache. ELP always were (and still are) one of the greatest live bands in the world.

Band Profiles:

Noddy's Puncture

Noddy's Puncture

Tom Szakaly - Keyboards
Mark Conroy - Bass/vocals
Adey McDermott - Drums

Noddy's Puncture is a band from the Rochdale area who have won a large following from an audience whose prevailingly youthful members had little prior knowledge of ELP's music.

The band achieves this by recreating the palpable sense of danger and excitement of ELP's live act: virtuoso musicianship is overlaid by the outrageous Emersonian theatrics - stabbing and rocking the organ, firing pyrotechnics from a Moog ribbon controller etc. Highlights from their set include: America, Rondo, Fanfare for the Common Man, Learning to Fly and The Score.

Works 3

Works 3

Chris da Silva - Keyboards
Laurence Ellis - Bass/vocals
Frank Askew - Drums & percussion

Works 3 is a trio from Portsmouth which commands a loyal following from among hardcore ELP fans, a number of whom travel the length of the country to attend their gigs. Originally formed with only the Convention in mind, Works 3 have now expanded and refined their set over a dozen or so gigs. The band concentrates upon playing a stunning musical tribute to ELP. Highlights include: Tarkus, Hoedown, Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression, Part 2 and 3rd Impression) and Pictures at an Exhibition.


This Convention would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of the following individuals and companies who have provided invaluable help and assistance:

Graham AllenCharles AshtonFrank Askew
David BentleyMark BurridgeMark Conroy
Jacquie & Robert duttonLaurence EllisBrian Emerson
Billy ForeshawGeorge ForresterPhil & Lorraine Forster
John GrindellMartyn HansonNeil Hayman
Geoff KenpinChris JillingsLaurance Laybourne
Adey McDermottChris NewmanSue Pittard
Matthew PrinceChris RinghamNeil Scofield
Kim SeaboumeStuart SemarkDave & Moira Shoesmith
Chris da SilvaDavid SwiftTom Szakaly
David TerralavoroMichael TusaLiv Whetmore

I would like to acknowledge with grateful thanks the contributions made by the following companies:

Allied Management 25, Love Lane, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 3DW Beckmann Communications, Ramsey, Isle of Man Castle Communications, Chessington, Surrey
Intermanual Rescue, Worlington, Suffolk Part Rock Management, London

Photographic Credits

1977 group photo - Frank Serse 1992 shots - Michael Tusa Works 3 & Noddy's Puncture - David Swift

Finally, and most importantly, I must thank Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer for the support they have given to the Convention and for providing us with a soundtrack for our lives over the last 25 years.

(Ladies of the Lake would like to thank Mark Lockey for sending us this book to use on our site.)

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