“Works Vol. I” is the latest masterpiece from Back Cover Stars EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER on Atlantic K.80009. During the 2 1/2 years hiatus since their last LP the three involved separately in other various projects, re-uniting last year behind locked doors in Montreux to record this double album which features on Side 1 an original piano concerto by Keith Emerson with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. For Side 2 Greg Lake contributes 5 songs with orchestra & choir, while on Side 3 Carl Palmer performs pieces by Bach & Prokofieff [sic] as well as original compositions. “L.A. Nights” has Joe Walsh of The Eagles guesting. ELP perform Side 4 as a unit with “Fanfare for the Common Man” & “Pirates” featuring the Orchestra de l’Opera de Paris. This tour de force is all a far cry from Keith’s chart single “Honky Tonk Train Blues”, Greg’s Top Tenner “I Believe in Father Christmas” & the LP Carl produced for jazz/rock trio Back Door. But that’s how classically-trained ELP diversify & remain one of the world’s top bands. Soon they embark on a world tour with a 70-piece orchestra, opening in America. Take your time with “Works”. It’s worth it.