Carl's Collaboration - cont'd.
If I remember correctly we played on the bill with Dave Mason, Kansas and Stephen Stills. This was an outdoor event with a reported 48,000 people in June of 1993. Greg was in excellent form. We had Richard Baker (from Gino Vanelli and Santana) on keyboards and Larry Meyers on mandolin (fresh off a stint with Bob Dylan) but I do not recall who the other players may have been. I will leave you with an amusing little story from this show...

Backstage, each band had their own large white tent with food, a bar, makeup, wardrobe, press and the usual. Greg and I were hanging out on the sofa with producer Keith Olsen having some laughs when security escorts a guy in carrying a massage table and offering complimentary massages. Greg accepts the offer and lies down on the table. Now Greg is a big rugged guy. That being said we can hear him grunting and see him making faces like he is being kicked by a mule. The masseuse finishes up and leaves. Greg is now walking with a bit of a limp and holding his back complaining about the "shitty massage". Shortly after the guy leaves, the promoter enters the tent to warn us that some lunatic fan is running around backstage with a fake security guy and a massage table trying to get close to the stars. I just about wet myself laughing.

During this same conversation, the promoter informs us that Stephen Stills is in a horrible mood and refuses to use his tent or even get out of the limousine. Furthermore he wants our time slot as the last act to go on. Greg listens attentively slowly nodding his head and saying "right" and "uh-huh". Greg gives his permission for Stills to go on last and we will go on just before. The promoter then asks us to steer clear of Stills to avoid any tension. He then thanks Greg and leaves. Upon his leaving Greg then immediately turns to me and says "Come on, let's see what he's got".

Passing a now horrified looking promoter we made our way swiftly toward a large black limo idling on the lawn backstage and Greg knocks firmly on the window. The door opened and out stepped a rather cocky but surprised Stephen Stills. As the two stood virtually toe-to-toe, Greg introduced us and asked if there was any problem. Stills (now quite disarmed) no longer seemed confrontational and acted fairly friendly, assuring Greg that (of course) there was no problem. They expressed a mutual respect for each other's accomplishments and the two traded a few road stories. This is just one of many examples that I witnessed where Greg's incredible presence cut through the crap of a prima donna like (the notorious) Stephen Stills and brought clarity to the moment. Stills did a fine job that day and the show went off without a hitch. There is however, a fake masseuse running around with the last laugh!

Carl Kennedy