Carla's Creativity - cont'd.

I am a part-time artist and during the years I have given ELP various paintings, posters and other creations I have made. Not only have they always been extremely talented but they have always shown the utmost kindness and respect for their fans.

When ELP got back together I returned to visit again. We have had some wonderful conversations and I even shared some old souvenirs with them. I had a smoking stone left over from the 1970's with Greg's picture on it and needless to say, it brought a smile to his face when I gave it to him after all these years. [WebMistress' note: The smoking stone is currently pictured in the Greg Lake Online Museum, Global Collection wing.] I even managed to get a photo of 3 generations of my family with the band: mom, daughter and myself.

I particularly enjoy writing Greg's lyrics in calligraphy and have presented him with my own version of "Footprints in the Snow" and "Farewell to Arms". I have also visited with their manager Stewart Young in London, where I gave him the gift of a 25th anniversary poster, with the titles of all of ELP's songs done in calligraphy.

Greg's lyrics and music have been a part of my life for a long time. They are as beautifully written as they are performed. True talent is timeless.

Hello to all the wonderful people I have met backstage through the years and thanks to ELP for all the wonderful memories. Best wishes to you all, Carla Huntington

P.S. My daughter in the photo is now an officer with the US Navy overseas. Please keep her and all the others in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks