2010 Greg Lake Birthday Card

Happy Birthday, Greg! Here are some messages from your friends & fans all over the world:

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Message 136 - Tabitha
Happy Birthday Greg! I was lucky enough to have gotten your signiture on a shirt of mine at a concert of yours I went to in April. I can't tell you how much it means to me!! I hope you have a great day, you are truly an inspiration!
9 November 2010

Message 137 - Liseli
Happy Birthday, Greg Lake! Your concert performances are some of the best out there: keep singing your songs and have a wonderful birthday this year!
9 November 2010 - Syracuse, NY

Message 138 - Lady Marie
Happy Birthday, thanks for all the great music and memories, enjoy this day, it's special, it's yours !!
9 November 2010 - Canada

Message 139 - Diana Lennox
Dear Greg, I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday. I would like to thank you, too for all the wonderful music you have shared with us over the years. It was wonderful to see you and Keith playing together again! I hope that you keep touring! Best wishes, Diana Lennox
9 November 2010 - Folcroft, PA

Message 140 - Amy
Happy Birthday!
9 November 2010 - Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Message 141 - Odd Arnestad
As I also have birthday today:
Happy Birthday to us, Greg!!!
10 November 2010 - Norway

Message 142 - SHINOBU IWAMI
Happy birthday to you, dear Greg!!!
Thank you for the show in High Voltage. I will never forget that marvelous time! \(^_^)/
10 November 2010 - JAPAN

Message 143 - David
Greg, I hope you have a great Birthday that you will remember for years to come.
10 November 2010 - Hiliard, OH USA

Message 144 - Doug Vencill
Happiest of Birthdays, Greg. Had the pleasure of meeting you post-concert in Kansas City, Missouri on your 1993 ELP Black Moon tour; it was a privilege to shake your hand & receive your autograph. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you again for all the years of fantastic music, and especially for my all-time favorite, "Take A Pebble." Peace/Prosperity to you now & always!
10 November 2010 - San Diego, California

Message 145 - David Carswell
Happy Birthday Greg!
10 November 2010 - Canada

Message 146 - Lisa LaRue
Happy Birthday, Greg! Your inspiration through the years has contributed greatly to my my music, your lyrics have carried me through lots of phases in life, and your hospitality whenever our paths met was encouraging. During those times you spoke some advice that has never left me!! You have made me closer to believing in oh so much.
10 November 2010

Message 147 - Suzanne Price
Happy Birthday from Music Heals Childrens Charity! x :o)
10 November 2010 - UK

Message 148 - Skip
Happy Birthday Greg!! Thank You for all the years of music that changed my life
10 November 2010 - Fall River, Ma USA

Message 149 - stephanie
Have a great day, Superstar!
10 November 2010 - Rotterdam, NY

Message 150 - Doug
Happy Birthday Greg! May it be your best!
Thanks for your contribution to the world of music. Please feel free to write and sing more music. Just remember that you are only used up if you believe you are.
10 November 2010 - Salt Lake City

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