2010 Greg Lake Birthday Card

Happy Birthday, Greg! Here are some messages from your friends & fans all over the world:

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Message 31 - Stephanie
Happy 29th birthday (again) and thanks for all of the wonderful musical memories. Your music has touched my life in so many ways. Enjoy your special day!
27 October 2010 - United States

Message 32 - Jen Grover
Happy birthday, Greg, and many happy returns. Thank you for all the beautiful music down through the years.
27 October 2010 - Huntington, WV

Message 33 - Ted MacNeil
Hey Greg. Happiest of b-days to you. And thanks for making 2010 such a great year for my daughter -- she was the 14 year old who you and Keith had come up on stage in Lynn MA this past April to sign her ELP shirt !! Hope your birthday gives you gifts and memories as great as those you gave her.
27 October 2010 - Spencer, Massachusetts, USA

Message 34 - Pete
Happy Birthday and keep on Rocking!!!
27 October 2010 - Connecticut

Message 35 - Andrea Weiss
Happy birthday Greg! Hope to see you on your next US tour.
27 October 2010 - New Jersey

Message 36 - Phil
Happy Birthday Greg. Keep em coming :-)
27 October 2010 - UK

Message 37 - Jim Widener
Happy Birthday Greg! Hope to see you in the Portland Oregon area someday soon. Have a great day!
27 October 2010 - Portland Oregon USA

Message 38 - Tornado617
Been a fan of yours since boyhood and now listen, against the rules to your music when flying high and fast when conditions allow; anyway - all the best Greg for your birthday (and keep praying for Keith E).
27 October 2010

Message 39 - Vallin
Have a Wonderful Birthday, Greg!
27 October 2010 - Atlanta, GA

Message 40 - ELPmo
Dear Greg
All the best to you, happy birthday! And thanks for a fantastic High Voltage in London with your stunning voice and lyrics. Looking forward to new albums.
27 October 2010 - Switzerland

Message 41 - Miljac
I wish you to stay inspired and productive, to keep your voice in shape, to stay well with "the other guys" and to give us few more HVF-s!!! :-) And of course all the best in your private life!

You can't imagine how much you are influencing my wife's and son's musical taste. Thanks!
28 October 2010 - Croatia

Message 42 - Margie Brockert
Happy Birthday! I've been a big fan of yours since the 70's. Thanks for all the great music and memories. Your my hero!
With Much Love,
Margie Brockert
28 October 2010 - Thousand Oaks, California

Message 43 - Sara Rinaldi
Dear, dear, dear Greg,
with all the Poetry in my heart, i wish you a wonderful birthday.
Your Lyrics and your Sensibily are the Poetry that fill my heart.
I hope to see you soon here in Italy.
With the best Love
Sara Rinaldi
28 October 2010 - Udine - North Italy

Message 44 - Vesna
Happy birthday and best wishes for forthcoming years - helth, luck, happiness and inspiration. Hoppe to see you on stage with Keith and Carl again, because you are the best.
28 October 2010 - Croatia

Message 45 - Susan Salter and Mark Farrell
Dear Greg - just to wish you all the best, and to let you know we both still love all the music, and thankyou.
28 October 2010 - Isle of Wight UK

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