2010 Greg Lake Birthday Card

Happy Birthday, Greg! Here are some messages from your friends & fans all over the world:

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Message 61 - Claudia
Happy Birthday Greg!!!!! Love always.
28 October 2010 - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio USA

Message 62 - Kathy Deadder
Hello Greg,
Hope you have a great birthday.and many more to come.
28 October 2010 - boston

Message 63 - Bud Darnell
Happy Birthday Young Man, I hope I get to see you and one of your beautiful Gibson acoustics live and in action one day. Appreciate all of your great work and best wishes.
28 October 2010 - Birmingham, Alabama

Message 64 - Laura Austan
Happy Birthday Greg! Your music has been a soundtrack to my life, and I'm privileged to be able to Thank You for it. Many happy returns, long may you rock! With much love.
28 October 2010 - Brattleboro, Vermont, USA

Message 65 - Tony
Greg, Happy Birthday! Was great to see you with Keith and Carl at HV this summer, hope we don't have to wait too long to see you in the UK again! Cheers!
28 October 2010 - UK

Message 66 - Jed Schorr
thanks to the greatest voice in rock music! Happy Birthday!
28 October 2010 - Maldives

Message 67 - Robin Forman
Happiest of Birthdays Love! Wishing you many more years of beautiful music and good health!
28 October 2010 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Message 68 - Tom Szakaly
Wishing you all the best Greg. By the way, if you'd like a Noddy's Puncture mug just let us know, we'll send you one as a birthday pressy when we get some more in. Emo already has his. (-)
28 October 2010 - North West UK

Message 69 - Jerry Beller
Happy Birthday Greg and a wish for health and happyness for you
28 October 2010 - Reseda CA

Message 70 - Mary Heilman
for all the wonderful music over the
years. Keep it coming!!!
28 October 2010 - Plymouth MA

Message 71 - Marcia
Happy Birthday, Greg!!
28 October 2010 - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Message 72 - Scott Johnson
The happiest of birthdays to you! I so enjoyed seeing you and Keith in Milwaukee in April 2010. Sincerely hope you'll come again (perhaps with Carl?) Best always!
28 October 2010 - Milwaukee WI USA

Message 73 - Ivy
Happy Birthday, Greg! MY BD gift this year was seeing you and the lads play at High Voltage! I hope you get as great a gift as mine!
28 October 2010 - United States

Message 74 - Rick (Lichimaiisoh)

Happy Biirthday. Thank you for all the years of great music and shows and hope that you have many more to come. Enjoy your birthday and can't wait to see you in Colorado next time around.

28 October 2010 - Monument, Colorado, USA

Message 75 - pamela hurley
Happy Birthday Greg!
Hope the day if filled with all that makes you happy. Thank you for the wonderful thrill this past year of seeing you and Keith and meeting you on your tour. All my best to you and your lovely family. Still.
28 October 2010 - Indianapolis, In

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