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Pamela Devereux
I'm thrilled to find others who appreciate this exquisite artist as much as I do. Greg Lake is, and always will be the best at what he does so well.
10 December 2013 - USA

Elenia Athanassi
Just have to say i'm getting into ELP later on in life. I was 10 when i first heard I believe in Father Christmas loved it then and it's my favourite Christmas song. So i thought i would listen to Mr Lakes other stuff. C'est La Vie wow blew my mind and coming to this site and reading what the ladies had to say i though i had to listen to Take a Pebble Via Youtube wow again Beautiful vocals great music bit of a mix of jazz in it too love the bass brilliant have to start getting ELP now.
24 February 2012 - Derbyshire UK

Carol Price
Still. - he turns me on!
20 January 2012 - North Carolina

Ian Tasker
Thanks Ladys of the Lake for keping the faith with Greg and E L P i have loved them since their first album. and had the privalige of seeing them live at the Albert hal on the Black moon tour 1992 they were brilliant ok Gregs put on a bit of weight but man what a voice still thanks
23 August 2011 - Bedworth England

Good work Ladies.
4 November 2010 - Gaylord, MI

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