2005 Tour Feedback

A collection of unsolicited comments submitted to the greglake.com website via e-mail or through the message board:

[Fairfield] was a fantastic evening and one I will remember for the rest of my life...I hope he will tour again soon ~ Valerie W.

Just to let you know that we went to the concert in Llandudno on Friday - wow what a show, one of the best seen in North Wales. Please ask Greg to come back. ~ Barry and Beryl D.

Thank you for playing a blinder of a show recently in Southend - it made my year - decade, come to think of it. Your music will always play a special part in my life and I can never thank you enough. ~ Colin S.

Just come back to London from Wycombe and saw one hell of a show…it was worth the trip. Your guitarist, Florian, is fantastic! ~ Anonymous

I was never lucky enough to see you performing live until you came to Truro on the 29th Oct. It was a fantastic gig and I have to say that you have brought together a very talented group of musicians. ~ Steve F.

I saw you in concert on Friday at the Hall For Cornwall in Truro and I thought you were wonderful. So charismatic and such a wonderful voice - not just singing but when you talked as well. ~ Jayne

Greg, I went to the Newcastle City Hall show this week and really enjoyed it. Thank you for your music; it means so much to so many people. ~ Neal D.

I loved the gig at Westcliff…it was a good decision to go. Thanks for giving me the lift I needed; a perfect performance and one I will remember for a very long time. ~ Jo

Saw Greg and the band in Peterborough last night (4 Nov). Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for what was a real treat. ~ Karl and Louise

Thanks for an excellent show at the Alex in Birmingham England. Please congratulate all your band on a superb night. ~ Ian C.

Just to drop you a line to say how much we enjoyed your gig at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford on the 12/11/05. The band sounds really great! Big respect to Florian Opahle. ~ Stuart & Ann

I thought the Manchester show was excellent. I have now seen all three of ELP - separately of course, and your show was the best of the three. ~ Martin H.

My friends and myself were at the Edinburgh concert and had an excellent evening. ~ Alan K.

[Florian] at the Croydon gig was absolutely fantastic! He has to be the best guitarist in the world. When I heard him he was awesome. ~ David C.

As a guitarist Florian is definately "a special one", the flamenco solo on "Take a Pebble", was jaw droppingly good, he had at least 3 strands running at the same time, and the percussive element towards the end without resorting to slapping the guitar was amazing. ~ Gordon M.

Travelled from Belfast to Edinburgh…brilliant concert and would have wished to attend another especially after reading all the fantastic reviews. Will consider travelling to America because the show is awesome. Well done Greg - it's been a long time but worth the wait. Great line up. ~ Chris S.

The show was absolutely unbelievable. The sound and precision was perfectly synchronized. GO and see this show, it is totally worth it. ~ Rosey F.

The Llandudno gig was excellent!!!!!!! The take a pebble guitar solo was amazing!!! ~ Damian N.

I was blown away by the band last night! It was [a] brilliant show; sound, lights, the band and Greg all excellent. A standing ovation…a brilliant end to an absolutely fantastic show! I salute some of the most talented musicians in the business and say thank you to them and of course a special thanks to the incomparable Greg Lake! ~ Mike H.

I was at the Chesterfield gig and it was fantastic. Great crowd and lots of enthusiasm. Greg and the band were on fire!!!!!!!!!! ~ R.L.W.

What can you say, this was brilliant. The gig itself mindblowing! The highlights? All of it! The band were brilliant - they all are special. Well done to Greg and the band for the finest show. For those of you elsewhere in the world, catch this show. ~ Tony

Having been an "arm-chair" fan for many years I finally realised my dream and saw Greg in Chesterfield. I had a front row seat and was totally blown away. ~ Sharon

Saw Greg & the band last Wednesday at Fairfield Halls at East Croydon. One word to describe it all..... FANTASTIC. ~ Steve P.

There was magic up on the stage when they played together. The band gave an outstanding performance. [Greg's] voice is amazing; I literally jumped out of my seat when The Great Gates of Kiev started. ~ Paul R.

Congratulations for an amazing performance. The whole band was excellent and I'm sure we all look forward to seeing the band again in the future. ~ Steven

Absolutely brilliant!! The Preston gig - what a show!! ~ Malcolm M.

Thank you to Greg, the band and backstage staff for a BRILLIANT show. ~ D.R.

Just got back from the Preston show - a great atmosphere and Mr. Lake was on fire! The show surpassed my expectations so much - his band gel together well and Florian is absolutely superb on the guitar. A standing ovation at the end did not do the performance justice. ~ Simon H.

Just wanted to say thank you to Greg and all the band members for putting on such wonderful shows. Greg has proved what a professional and perfectionist he is in putting on such an incredible show. His voice just gets better and better. His band, which I thought were tight during the early part of the tour, just bonded more and more together as the tour progressed. ~ Fran H.

Thanks Greg for a great month. I went to 4 shows each better then the next. The small venues have made for a great personal experience for us fans but the whole world needs to hear this band! ~ Martin D.

I just wanted to echo everything everyone has said about the band. Chesterfield - what a gig. The standard of musicianship was exceptional. ~ Johnny

I saw the shows in Birmingham & Preston and each time I was blown away. Once again to the members of the band: You guys were excellent. And to the Man or should I say GENTLEMAN himself: THANKS for a wonderful tour, Greg. ~ Phillip R.

I took my wife and her son (17) to Worthing and Croydon, they don't often go to concerts but were just completely gobsmacked at the quality of the sound, lighting and Greg's still superb voice. ~ Paul C.

I have taken friends who are not ELP appreciators but openly they have said the concert was bloody marvelous and will definitely go again. ~ Andy O.

Saw last night's gig in Croydon - once again fantastic - even better than the one I saw at Westcliffe at the beginning of the tour. Well done Greg - very good band too! ~ Ray J.

The sound was excellent and I didn't realise how good the light show was. I acually listened with great pleasure to the skill of the bands' playing ability and Greg's voice was in top form. It [was] the first time I've heard Pictures and was left speechless, and even Schizoid sounds fresh and undated to me. These shows have opened up a new world for me and I'm loving this experience. ~ Adrian E.

Wow! The show went way beyond what I was hoping for. Greg sang in superb form, the power and clarity he demonstrated is as good as I've heard…gave me goosebumps and a few tears. He got a great reaction after each song. I really hope you guys overseas get to see this, the band are brilliant. ~ Warren B.

Croydon, Chesterfield and the Tour - I've done 7 of the tour and each one has left me with wonderful memories. Greg and the band have been brilliant; it has been an honour and a pleasure to be at the shows and to meet Greg and the band afterward. He is a true gentleman and a wonderful showman. ~ Gary T.

A brilliant concert which brought back so many memories of great music and younger days! It was great to see and hear such a wonderfully talented professional band. ~ Sue F.

The Preston gig was absolutely brilliant. Greg and the whole band were incredible. Thanks for a great evening. ~ Cadasa

Preston last night...wow! I also took my kids with me, not really sure how they would react and they loved it. I couldn't believe the sound these guys created and was swept away by the fact that they seemed to be having such a great time...all power to them! Greg's voice is just incredible and his performance truly complimented by the rest of the band. ~ Rachel S.

The best thing ever to happen in Dartford!!!! It was fantastic. Much better than at Tunbridge Wells (which was incredible). His voice just gets better and better. And the band are so good. Please come back soon!! ~ Sue S.

Just want to say I went to the Southend show and had an excellent night, Greg and the band really rocked. Keep up the good work, Greg. ~ Nick W.

Was at Preston last night ... the show was just fantastic... the sound was awesome and the song choice was out of this world. The musicians were just incredible...the band he got together for this was just awesome. One final word can I just say what an absolute gentleman Greg...its nice to see that the audience was appreciated. ~ Brian S.

Just got back from the concert in Preston. I'm still on the ceiling! That was the best concert I've seen since Floyd in Earls Court. Only one word to describe it: AWESOME! What a fantastic group of the most talented musicians I think I've ever seen. There aren't enough superlatives to describe that gig. Thanks for a fantastic night. ~ Dave T.

I have never done this before - having seen the Southend show I just had to go again and last night at Dartford the show was even better and I never thought that was possible. They really seem to be enjoying themselves. I can't single out anything for a special mention as it was all fantastic. A fantastic night - thanks to Greg and the whole band. Is it too early to ask - "When's the next tour?" ~ Stephen H.

Came to the [Birmingham] show; the band, that voice, the production - as relevant today as it ever was. Congratulations on an excellent show, it's been a long time coming. ~ Simon T.

What a great show, I thoroughly enjoyed it…Greg was in fine voice. This show was great. If you haven't already been, then you must go. And for those fans abroad - you are in for a rare treat. ~ Lisa R.

I enjoyed myself. The band was tight and Greg looked to be having a great time. The voice was incredible. Will he be back - well lets hope so. ~ Paul G.

Greg lived up to my expectations as the show was simply amazing, note perfect, delivered with great skill and passion. His voice is fantastic, powerful and subtle and complemented by a great band. I recommend to everybody to go and see Greg's show; it's outstanding - probably one of the best shows I have ever seen. ~Phil O.

I went to the Swansea show - Greg was amazing, his band are a fantastic set of musicians and helped make the show worth every penny. If you can go and see Greg you'll be watching one of the best performers around with some of the best musicians around backing him. ~ Colin B.

[The Swansea] gig was AMAZING. [It] blew me away. The rendition of Pictures was amazing. ~ Stephen G.

This band is just about as good as it gets for me, including seeing ELP live. Pictures is the best version I've ever heard and Greg's voice is better than ever. What more can you ask for? ~ Michael H.

What I saw last night [Manchester] was pure magic. Greg's new band is superb. The guitar playing of Florian Opahle was just brilliant. David Arch's keyboards were great and Brett Morgan's drumming was easily as impressive as Carl Palmer's. ~ John T.

Thank you so much for a fantastic show in Birmingham tonight! Particular kudos to Florian Opahle - where did you find this guy, he's terrific! I hope all our American friends get an opportunity to see this fantastic band. ~ Roy P.

Also at Peterborough last night. Amazing concert, as Gary says, Greg's voice seems to get better and better. As for Florian (lead guitarist) an awesome talent!! The new Take A Pebble arrangement was outstanding, as really was everything they did. ~ Jim P.

I was also at Peterborough; what a night! Totally exceeded my expectations, the man is a genius, from the opening bars of The Court of The Crimson King and throughout the rest of the gig shivers were running down my spine! ~ Anonymous

I went to Birmingham last night; I thought GL was fantastic both on and off stage. This is the best concert I've been to for years. What a voice the guy still has. If you like rock music, or in fact any music, don't miss this tour! ~ Peter S.

What a magnificent show by Greg and his excellent band at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. May you rock for years and years, Greg!!! ~ Maurice R.

[I] would just like to thank Greg for the most amazing gig I have ever been to in ages. Was just totally overcome by the sheer power and energy and beautifulness that Greg has. I also was quite overcome by the lighting - that really did add an extra 110% to the overall show. ~ Phil R.

Last night's show at the Nottingham Concert Hall was superb. A great and representative selection of songs with fresh arrangements (nice on keyboards Dave) and truly great musicianship. ~ Jeff A.

Just got back from the show. Absolutely brilliant. Florian is just extraordinary - the most musical player I think I have ever heard. Schizoid Man and Pictures were the highlights for me. ~ Nick C.

Thanks for an AMAZING show tonight. Greg's voice is excellent & that guitarist, Florian, is incredible. So 'welcome back my friend'. Please make sure it is a 'show that never ends' - that's a big hint for more tours. ~ Jerry C.

Absolutely fab night, Greg is a master and Florian is a master in the making - watch this boy go! The band are superb, the songs are reworked and revamped. The show is a real rock show even appealing to my teenage daughter. Stunning, monster, get to the nearest gig and make sure Greg keeps touring, thanks Greg ~ Chris G.

What a tremendous show. Difficult to pick out highlights, there were so many, but Take a Pebble, Farewell to Arms, and Pictures were incredible. As to the encore, simply breathtaking. The sound balance was good throughout. ~ Bill M.

I too went to Newcastle with my 13-year-old son. It was a great concert, very professional, and Greg and the band gave their all to the small crowd. ~ Stuart W.

Just back, ears still ringing. Stunning show tonight. Band tight and felt like a band and not just a backing unit for Greg. Excellent show. ~ Keith B.

The sound quality was excellent; every instrument could be heard very, very clearly. GL's voice was crystal clear. It was loud, but not so loud as to cause any pain. The lights were also well organised, the lights went crazy during Schizoid Man, and were used to great effect in Pictures at an Exhibition, with lights sweeping all over the venue, including the audience, which all added to the effect. All in all, awesome. ~ Mark F. and Sue S.

My wife and I were at the Edinburgh gig last night and it was fantastic. ~ Gordon F.

Fantastic show at Edinburgh. The venue was perfect and the set list superb. Greg's voice is as strong and clear as ever and he has an awesome band behind him. Thanks for a brilliant, memorable evening. ~ Chris S.

We all absolutely enjoyed and witnessed some fantastic musicianship. The band were excellent, and Greg has such a rich sounding voice still; the hairs went up on my neck frequently!! ~ Terry S.

[The Wycombe show] really was excellent and it was brilliant to see Greg back on stage and in form. I doubt there is a better-produced show outside of the stadium circuit. The sound and lighting was excellent, the band were stellar and Greg is in really excellent voice. ~ Tony W.

I went to the Wycombe show as well and it was indeed superb. Greg was on fine form, and Florian was simply phenomenal - I expect to see a lot more of his talents in the future. The concert was stunning. I was grinning all the way home. ~ Dave W.

I was at the Wycombe Swan last night. Here are some impressions: Greg sound[ed] absolutely thunderous and right on tune in his vocals. The production was excellent, the band members were all excellent, and the actual material chosen was splendid. ~ Bryan R.

Thanks to Greg & Band for a great show last night, best wishes for the rest of the tour!!! ~ Joseph D.

Just saw the great man's Swansea show, only one word to say: awesome. The sound was crystal clear, backing band superb. ~ Glanydd W.

"A great show . . . I've seen some pretty stunning first nights this year, U2 in Brussels, the Rolling Stones in Boston, and Greg Lake was up there with the best of them!"


"Surely, if Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War Of The Worlds can reenter the album charts in 2005, the Greg Lake oeuvre is ripe for reappraisal . . ."

Pierre Perrone

Classic Rock Magazine

I would like to thank Greg Lake and the band for a truly wonderful evening. I've seen many fantastic bands - all top quality - but this concert certainly rates up there in my favourites for real musicianship, sound quality etc. Also just the thrill to see Greg and hear his fantastically clear voice singing classics that shaped my growing up years. ~ Colly S.

The whole production was so polished from the quality of the venue to the actual sound coming from the stage. The performance was virtually faultless. Greg's voice was on tip top form and he has surrounded himself with some impressively talented musicians. ~ Mick R.

Those of us that were there [Southend show] had an awesome time experiencing Greg at his best. We've all grown older, but he still has that inimitable smile, that crystal voice and an enthusiasm for his music that is as strong as ever. The production was brilliant. ~ Michael R.

What a fantastic evening [Worthing show]. The band were excellent and Greg's voice is as good as ever. The crowd last night were obviously big fans and very appreciative. ~ David W.

I saw Greg in Worthing last night - it was a truly great show! He had a great band with a really good and big sound and his voice was right on. The stage and light show was very good. A stunning performance - just go - you won't be disappointed! ~ Steve S.

The whole show was a tremendously uplifting experience and the band were excellent. The sound…was handled well and the clarity of all instruments was good. The set list was good. Well done to the audience; their goodwill and enthusiasm for Greg and the music was really great. ~ Graham W.

I saw the Tunbridge Wells show tonight and was blown away. Greg really has put together an excellent band. If anyone is in doubt about whether to go and see Greg on this tour, take it from me, you will not be disappointed. ~ John B.

I was at the Tunbridge Wells show - I was completely blown away. Florian Opahle's solo in Take a Pebble was outstanding and the rest of the band were excellent. I couldn't have asked for a better night; it was the most enjoyable concert I have ever been to. ~ Andy J.

[Tunbridge Wells] was indeed a top show! Solid band - Greg's voice was excellent. Overall an excellent and nicely varied show - if you get the chance GO, you will not regret it! ~ Jim R.

The Tunbridge Wells gig was very impressive. Great sound, great lights and great musicianship. It seemed a flawless performance and drew an enthusiastic response from the partisan audience. ~ Mike G.

I was, after an Odyssey-like journey starting from Italian Airport strikes & delays, at the [Tunbridge Wells] show. It was far better than what I dreamed it could be. Greg's voice was so powerful, deep, never the little smallest pitch problem. The sound was superb; the song list brilliant, the band was a wonderful surprise, and the light show was so good as Pink Floyd ones. You all must go to see the show, if you may. ~ Max M.

As birthday presents go this was the best. Front row seats at Greg Lake's concert at Tunbridge Wells, I saw Greg with ELP at the Royal Albert Hall and wondered if his voice would still be the same, I wasn't disappointed he was brilliant. ~ Geraldine P.

I was really looking forward to the show and it did not disappoint. Greg's new six-piece band is a powerful unit indeed. Every musician excelled without ever going over the top. What pleased me more than anything else was Greg's vocal performance. It was powerful, rich and still retains that unique sound he has always had. ~ Dan K.

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