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It's come to our attention that some e-mails containing the SOBIG.F worm in the form of an attached file have been sent out while spoofing our return e-mail addresses from the domain.

Please be advised that the ONLY e-mail you will ever receive from this site will be our text or HTML newsletter - and NEVER with any attached file. We may also from time to time send personal e-mails from our own e-mail addresses, but they will normally be in response to an e-mail you've sent us. Please take care to never download/execute ANY attached file, even from someone you know, unless you were expecting it, after confirming it with the sender. Be sure to keep your antivirus program updated as well, but remember it's up to you to keep your computer safe.

We apologize in advance if anyone's security has been compromised due to the above situation. Please understand that it was not of our doing and we were unaware that e-mails were being sent with our return address spoofed until very recently. If you're unsure about your computer's security, there is a free online scan available at Trend Micro HouseCall.


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