"Closer to Believing" - cont'd.

I joined a record club in the fall of 1999 (gotta love those record clubs, eh Kate?) because they offered many "Greatest Hits" CD's I hadn't seen anywhere else - War, The Raspberries, Badfinger, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. "That'll be a good one," I thought to myself. I played it a LOT...kept thinking, "Oh yeah, I remember that song! I haven't heard this in years!"

I had foot surgery in February of 2000 and was off work for three weeks. I'd get the kids off to school, prop up my foot, and surf the 'net. On one of those days I remembered that someone had once told my huband that he "looks like Lake." (At the time I had dug out my only ELP, a cassette of Brain Salad Surgery, and found no pictures to compare him with. [See comparison photo!]) I thought I might find something on the 'net, so I tried www.greglake.com, and BAM! (to quote Emeril) That was all she wrote. Since that time I have collected all their CDs, tons of photos, a couple of books here and there, and a tee shirt. When I heard that Greg was going out on tour with Ringo, I just couldn't believe my good luck, and knew I had to catch the show.

I remember wondering how I would feel after seeing the Ringo All-Starrs concert...would I be depressed because it was over? Would it feel like, "that's it and there's nothing more?" Lucky for me I found the Ringotour.com message boards, where I discovered Terry and Kate posting about how much they loved Greg Lake! What a blessing for me to find these two like-minded ladies. What more natural thing was there to do but for us to form an alliance, a fan club if you will, for our hero. That's where the idea for this site came in, and I'm telling you, it should be illegal to have this much fun. We're only limited by ourselves, and I don't think that's going to be a problem, so watch out - the future is ours for the taking. Dreams do come true, and that's why:

"I am closer to believing than I ever was before..."

Greg, I don't know how to thank you for the beauty and pleasure you've brought to my life.


August 26, 2001