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In the 1990's, ELP reunited for a couple of recordings and tours.


ELP in 1992

ELP promotional shot from 1992

ELP speaks

The boys during a 1993 Canadian interview

Greg onstage - ELPow

Greg performs "Daddy" at the Concert For Sara

Cleveland, OH

Greg donates his "Lucky Man" guitar to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Rock Walk, 7425 Sunset Blvd., 11/23/93

London, UK

Greg Lake - 90s promo shot

Not that shirt! Skiing? Consummate performer
Toronto - thanks Janusz! Toronto - thanks Janusz! Toronto - thanks Janusz!
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Cover of GOLDMINE magazine, December 6, 1996. Click image to read article

Who knew he collected pens?

Cover of PEN WORLD magazine (thanks, Pam!) Click image to read article

Press Kit

Click image to read Polygram/Victory Press Kit for release of "Live At The Royal Albert Hall."

Posters and Memorabilia
UK Tour poster Click to read the story

This concert was at Wolf Trap Park, Vienna, VA,
which is my favorite place to go for concerts
nowadays. Great outdoor amphitheater...
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Radio promo for the Radio City Music Hall shows, Feb. 3 & 4, 1993:

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The Tonight Show:

Tonight Show

Tonight Show

Tonight Show

Much Music (Canadian MTV) Interview:

Much Music

Much Music

Much Music

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