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In 1986, Greg joined with Keith Emerson and Cozy Powell to record and tour.

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ELPowell on stage, By David Barrett

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Greg speaks

Greg talks to MTV in an interview


The band as MTV VeeJays

VeeJay Band

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David's souvenir tee shirt


Tour pin

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"We went to the Capital Centre in Landover, Md. for the Sept. 19th, 1986 Emerson, Lake and Powell concert." (Click image to read the rest of Frank's story)

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From the "Touch and Go" video:

Greg sings 'Touch and Go'

Greg sings 'Touch and Go'

Cozy Powell, 1947-1998
Cozy Powell Tour Diary

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Radio appearance

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H.R. Giger art not used on the ELPowell album:

Giger art

Giger art

Giger art

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