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Photo Caption Contest - We have a winner!

Caption me!

"Put THIS in your ribbon controller and smoke it!"

David "Smackiepipe" Barrett submitted the winning caption and wins this hand-autographed photo of Greg on the 2005 UK tour, graciously donated by Lee Millward. We plan on having more contests in the future, so be sure to join our Discussion Forum for all this and great conversation, too.

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We have returned our forum as a service to the disenfranchised members of the Greg Lake Forum while it is closed down. We also welcome new members, so please invite anyone you think would like to participate. The more, the merrier!

Our new forum has many great features including private messages, events calendar, and a chat room. We've set up a few boards to begin but welcome your suggestions and feedback for more. Please enjoy the forum!

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Greg on the '05 UK Tour by Lee Millward

Greg on the '05 UK Tour by Lee Millward

Happy times

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