Peterborough, Chesterfield, and Other Show Reviews

Sadly I have been to my last gig of the tour :(.

Just wanted to say thank you to Greg and all the band members for putting on such wonderful shows.

Flo is a genius and a lovely guy too. He is so talented and very friendly into the bargain. His guitar solo in the middle of "Take A Pebble" has to be heard to be believed.

David is a tremendous Musical Director and keyboard player. My daughter is extremely flattered at his wonderful memory - he first saw her at Peterborough and has remembered her subsequently.

Trevor - again one of my daughter's favourites, because of his jovial nature and great sense of humour. Out of the 3 shows she attended, twice the view of Trevor was completely obliterated - this became a standing joke between them!

Josh & Brett - again amazingly talented and very friendly guys. Brett again remembered my daughter, Jennifer.

Jai & Bekki - wonderful singers. I didn't realise quite what their resume was until I looked them up on the 'net. These girls have been in the top West End musicals, including Cats, Saturday Night Fever and the Queen musical, and are extremely gifted.

Saving the best to last.....Greg! What can I say? I have never seen a show this professional and this includes ELP shows in the early 90's. Greg has proved what a professional and perfectionist he is in putting on such an incredible show. His voice just gets better and better. His band, which I thought were tight during the early part of the tour, just bonded more and more together as the tour progressed. I went to the first gig mourning for ELP and came out wanting more of Greg and his band!!!

Greg is a true pro, from his faultless performances through to the time and effort he gave to every single person at the 'meet and greets'. There must have been so many times he would've just liked to disappear back to his hotel, but no - he fiddled with cameras when they wouldn't work, answered questions, took time to give us appreciative lady fans hugs and kisses ;).

Another example of what a professional is: Greg got held up in traffic and was late for the Chesterfield gig. He had to go on stage without having done a sound-check. Again his was so professional that no-one would have known. He must've been so flustered and wound up being in traffic jams, but you wouldn't have known.

Thank you so much guys and girls. I've thoroughly enjoyed 4 wonderful shows, each special in its own way. The 1200 miles or so spent going up and down the country, for me, have been well worth it and have boosted sales of Red Bull as I returned home in the early hours.

Greg, please come back with the same line-up. Please do the 'meet and greets' next year too if you can, although I know you're planning to do larger venues.

Thanks for 3 wonderful weeks everyone, and thanks for the hugs Greg :)

Fran Hall