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Click the button to open our "File Cabinet" of interviews, reviews, articles, and other items. These are real "gems" as published back in the day, and many are complete with original rare photos in the bodies of the articles as a bonus. Enjoy! (Most recently added articles are in the top folder.)

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Our former storage site for our audio interviews, K-Turn, has gone out of business. We are currently in the process of transcribing the audio files into text to post here. Click the button below to read the transcribed files.

Honorable Mentions
Classic Rock

Greg appeared in the August issue of Classic Rock magazine (see cover, left). A review of the "Greg Lake Live" DVD is in the Oct. issue of Vintage Guitar.

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Ladies of the Lake in Q Ladies of the Lake in Mojo

Ladies of the Lake gets a mention by Greg in Mojo and Q prog articles.

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There are some audio and video interview clips on our "Archives and Collections" Photo Gallery page. (Scroll down to the Sound & Video Collection link.)

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A pensive Greg

Photo by Mary Ann Burns

Greg smiles in White, 1977

GL and his pedals

Greg Lake in '72