Linda's Liason - cont'd.

So I went. We sat beside the soundboard and through the warm up band, Snafu; I spent most the time talking to a couple of roadies. When the warm up band was over, the roadies offered to take me back stage so I tagged along with them. One of the roadies, Andy Hendrickson, introduced me to Keith and Keith said he was looking for something to drink, did I want to go with him. So I said "Sure".

I followed Keith down a hallway, first past a dressing room with a "Mr. Palmer" sign on the door. Then I looked up and saw Greg walking toward me, wearing those white leather pants and sneakers, but no shirt and he was holding that famous white jacket in his hands. He asked me if I could sew a button back on it for him in about 5 minutes.

I told Greg that I would go find a needle and thread and come back to his dressing room. I was actually lucky enough to get one from one of the caterers.The coat was so thick that the needle snapped in half and I had to continue to sew with half a needle and pushing it through with my teeth. He thanked me, put on his jacket and left the room.

I watched the show that night from the side of the stage almost right behind Greg. It was the best night of my life.