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Official Web Sites

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Greg Lake Official Site
The Official Greg Lake Web Site

Peter Sinfield Official Site
Peter Sinfield's Official Web Site

Emerson, Lake & Palmer Official Site
ELP Global Web Site

Ringo's All-Starr Band Tour Site
The Official Ringo Tour Site

The King Biscuit Flower Hour Site
The King Biscuit Flower Hour


Birth of a Band - ELP at the Isle of Wight

"Birth of a Band" DVD of the Isle of Wight Concert, 1970, has been released by Eagle Rock Entertainment. Click the image to see the e-card presentation.

The "All About Jazz" website has a nice article regarding this release.

Emerson Lake and Palmer DVD (click image to order):

Beyond the Beginning-Click to Order!

The Children

Missing Children's Help Center

NCMEC Website

Protect Your Kids Online

Amber Alert Information:

Amber Alert

All God's Creatures

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been affected by the last few years' natural disasters in the USA and elsewhere. We would like to ask all of our visitors to contribute whatever you can to help the many victims and their pets. Please see the following links for ways you can help:

'After the Storm' CD by NearFest Records

"After the Storm," a 2-CD compilation by NEARFest Records, all proceeds from the sale of which will be donated directly to the relief efforts in the Gulf Coast region of the United States that was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005.

On Greg's site, there is a message about his trip to Seychelles and the puppy he rescued there, along with the heartbreaking stray and abused animal situation in that island country.
He's become involved with the Seychelles animal rescue center because of this experience. See right:

RSPCA Website

Frank and Alexa Collie have formed an animal rescue and shelter on their own with very little support, although the situation seems to be looking up now that Greg is involved. We'd like to ask you to e-mail your support or consider making a contribution at the addresses below:

Contact SSPCA:

Email Frank & Alexa

Address for donations:
SSPCA, PO Box 51, Pontypool, NP4 7WS, UK

More Websites

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"Marmalade Skies"

Click me! Philmages - Philip Buonpastore Photography

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The Lord Of The Strings - World Wide Gary Moore Fansite

Classic Rock Concert Photos
Great classic rock photos of many artists including ELP

The Progressive Pages
"Devoted to powerful, intelligent, and progressive music"

Classic Rock Start Page
 "Your Best Classic Rock Start on the Web"


Click for VH-1 Greg Lake Artist Profile
Greg Lake at

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"The Album-Friendly Intimacy of Progressive FM Radio"

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Aural Moon Internet Radio Station

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Phenomenal Women of the Web

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The Search for
Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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!tzalist Arts Directory

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Noddy's Puncture homepage:

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BrainSalad Website:

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FOG Website:

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Screen shots from and reviews of ELP videos available on trading sites:

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"Covers at an Exhibition" - cover art, tracks, and venues for ELP and related trades:

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ELP-DISC Yahoo! Discussion Group:

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Impressions Magazine (UK based magazine devoted to Emerson, Lake & Palmer):

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ELP Digest:

The Original ELP Website


The Greg Lake Gift Shop:

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