Lisa's Lapse

He was very kind and respectful and at the end of our little chat, I took off my grandmother's 18 karat gold Florentine engraved cross that my sweet mama had given me permission to wear...and I gave it to him. Being the gentleman that he was, he realized that it was something valuable and was slightly hesitant to accept it from me. I persuaded him gently, and he graciously accepted it and said to me: "Thank you, sweet."

I then leaned up to give him a little kiss on the cheek and he leaned down to allow me to. (He was so tall!) That was a thrill of a young teenage girl's life! And now at age 61, I still remember it like it was yesterday!

(When I got home from the concert, that was a different story!!) My sweet mama, (who just turned 90 this past February 24) immediately noticed that I was not wearing the cross (it belonged to her mother / purchased in Italy, where she was from). She asked me where the cross was, and I told her: "I gave it to Greg Lake." She asked angrily: "Who the hell is Greg Lake!??" I replied: "The singer of the band I went to see." Well, needless to say, she was furious with me! (and I was grounded!)

Ah well...(youth!) It was an awesome concert!! I still have the ticket stub in my jewelry box... It's nice that we can stop by here...and share memories! Greg has made such a powerful musical contribution to the masses...

Thank you!