Maire's Moment - cont'd.

Their 10 Anniversary show was held in Oct 1977 at Madison Square Garden, starring ELP. If I remember correctly, Scott [Muni] was the DJ that played Pictures at an Exhibition for the first time in the United States. I could be wrong on that one though.

The short story of me being at the station was that I knew they would show up there eventually if they were coming to NYC with a new album; I called the station and found out from the program director when. So I was there when they arrived, spent time before and after their appearance talking with them, and had given each a package with copies of the photos I've taken of them over the years (that alone is a long story!).

Leaving thru the lobby downstairs some lady runs up with her camera and asks for her photo to be taken with them, so I took the photo for her, and then said, 'Heck, if she's getting a photo, so will I!' The entire time I was talking with them, although the camera was hanging from my shoulder, I just never thought to ask for a photo. I handed my camera to the lady, and this was the result.

Mary Ann Burns