Mark's Memorabilia

I waited outside the stage door entrance from about 3.00pm and Greg turned up about 4.45. There were about 10 others gathered there and it was quite wet and very cold so, I was surprised my photo came out as good as it did, and, am quietly proud of finally having my picture taken with my favourite musician of all time.

What a lovely man he is, he signed every bit of merchandise that people had with them and posed for a few photos as well. I asked after Gabriel and Natasha, he said they were both very well.

The show was wonderful, I'm sure you've seen the set list; I did try and avoid it so's not to spoil any surprises.

I adored "Lend Your Love To Me Tonight", one of my faves of his. His acoustic guitar sounded awesome, very loud and clear.  I also managed to ask a question during the Q&A:

Put my hand up, had the microphone handed to me - I said the first song I ever heard by ELP was, Endless Enigma, from Trilogy and, asked whether there was meaning behind the lyrics as, I had read somewhere that it was anti music press: " Your words twist and decay, nothing you say reaches my ears any way, you never spoke a word of truth"......."I'm tired of hypocrite freaks, their tongues in their cheeks turning their eyes as they speak" He couldn't recall and said that it's down to the interpretation of the listener.

After the show finished I waited outside for a good 2 hours and Greg came out and signed my merchandise and chatted away to me and another man waiting. He told the story of the DJ who played "Watching Over You" for a caller's daughter who was dying and also told us about the Brain Salad Surgery album cover: The painting on the back is of a Swiss prostitute and, the skull is hers x-rayed, hence why it fits perfectly on the gatefold opening. He also said that Giger x-rayed his own p*nis and, that is on the lady's throat (strange man).

Finally, I have acquired a very unique item of Greg memorabillia!!......upon his arrival he emerged from his Range Rover and discarded a chewing gum from his mouth, dropped it right next to the his car door.....I went back on my way to the concert after the initial signings and, the gum was still there, on the road, just where he'd dropped it. I now have it and keep it in a used contact lens case, how's that for fan adulation !!

Greg is such a lovely, warm person and, I am so proud to be able to say that about my favourite artist.

Pics attached including the infamous chewing gum in its case, (just below the ticket, next to the head of his bass on the tee shirt).

P.S. As a footnote to the chewing gum episode : the reason I kept it is, when I saw ELP at the Royal Albert Hall in 1992 (first UK concert for 18 years), after the show, many, many, people were stood outside for hours in the rain (it's always raining when ELP come to town !) Greg emerged and, discarded a cigarette on the floor (he smoked back then, gave up in 1994, I think) ...I always wished that I'd grabbed the cigarette butt and kept it. I vowed that if I ever got an opportunity again that I would take it so, that drove me on !