Michele's Musings...cont'd.

My friends and I stayed at the Holiday Inn the night of ELP's concert and met the road crew in the bar. They told us you guys stayed at the Ritz.

The next day we went over to see if just maybe we would see you. (Since I was the one that Loved ELP and especially you). My Mom and her friend met us there as we were to have lunch with them.

Well there we all were standing waiting for the elevator to come down when the door opened. You and Keith came out! I was in shock and jumped into the elevator. My mother said, "You are Greg Lake." I was in horror she was talking to you (you know that weird stage you go through when you are a kid and everything parents do embarass you). I remember my friends laughing at me begging them to get in the elevator. Then when we went up it hit me ...I blew it and did not get a picture. I cried. The story goes on but it ended with us waiting in the lobby (hours) till you came down again to go to the concert that night. Thus the picture I have which is still special to me. I never had the courage to talk to you but did at least get a picture. You had a big fur coat on ..... remember it?

I was hoping to finally have you sign it but could not afford to have a VIP meeting (due to job loss). Guess it just means you will have to come again some year and I'll try again ..... till then I wish you all the best and thank you for a wonderful evening of remembering wonderful times!

Safe Travels,