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I was running Asia Fan Club at that time but at the same time, I was running ELP Fan Club, as well. When you were so young and at high school, not have a care in the world, there was so much time to dedicate to your favourite bands!! I spent hours and hours writing Fan Club Mags by hand and writing radio request cards. Asia's Japanese record company even sent me to a radio programme to do 'The Battle of Fans' with Journey Fan Club. That was hilarious!

Carl, yes, he was real sweety. I still remember he loved my shoes...and wanted to know where I got them....Greg kept saying he wanted to see Japanese countryside...he was countryside nuts for some reason!! I suggested few places to go...and Geoffrey Downes had a map of Japan handy to show all the places to Greg...those are few things I remember...after 32 feels like it was all dream...

I got these nice messages from Greg and Carl for our ELP Fan Club magazine in 1983 when Asia came to Japan. It was at the lobby of the Akasaka Price Hotel in 16 November 1983 to be exact! I used to write all our fan club magazine by hand...took me ages to finish. I was so dedicated to ELP and Greg when I was young (I am still fully dedicated to them..honest).

This one, Vol.4 of the Fan Mag (see the rest of the Fan Magazine on our Asia Page!) was specially made to present to Greg and Carl with their full discography. Greg was quite impressed by it and showed it to Geoff saying, 'Geoffrey, I didn't even know this single existed!' Unfortunately I could not remember which one Greg was referring to...

Greg also told me that he was a big fan of Japanese band called Casiopea. Greg was very keen to see them play in Japan but I don't think he had any free time to see anything at all, never mind Casiopea's gig. I bought him Casiopea’s latest album to take back to UK.

Greg wished to see some Japanese countryside but I told him that Nemunosato was actually in the countryside, so it would be very nice. I also recommended to him to see Nara, not Kyoto if he had any free time. As always, be ready to be very handy Geoffrey Downes had a map of Japan so me and my friend showed Greg where exactly Nara was on the map. Greg was hopeful to see some part of Japan at the beginning of his stay but the fact was I don't think he had much free time. Asia in Asia was massive, massive event and I felt Greg was under pressure from all sides.

I also felt that all the members of Asia were rather intense including Carl. I did not see Greg and Carl together very much. Greg was mostly with Geoffrey. Steve was Steve, ever so independent. Now I think about it, after John Wetton left the way he left Asia stranded with MTV deal, the rest of the band must have found the entire situation difficult. Greg was thrown into somebody else's mess and I felt that was not at all fair for him. This is obviously my personal opinion.

However Greg did the most amazing work for Asia; he saved the day. Greg did not even bat an eyelid when the Japanese record company presented him the Alpha Platinum Disc. He was just wonderfully professional.

So there, these are few things I still remember after all these years. I was in hibernation for more than 30 years but Greg was always on my mind!

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,