Rose's Revelation - cont'd.

I figured this may be my only chance to say hello, so I went to the florist on the way to the show and picked up two bunches of pink roses; one for Greg and one for Keith (sorry Carl I couldn't carry that much into the city).

So of course it was a really great show. They played without anyone else so the set was long. My husband was totally impressed by the music. I was in total ecstasy. So the show ends and I grab my flowers to give to Keith. He came over to the stage edge and I offered him the flowers. He gestured "for me"? I said yes. He grabs me by the hand and kisses my hand. (yes ladies put his musical genius lips on my hand). I remember looking to the sides of the Beacon and it was standing room only people were clapping and looking over at the stage.

Then I gave the flowers to Greg. I remember him being so big and tall with big hands. He was sweet and said thank you to me. Then I turned around and my husband taps me on the shoulder and says look... and Greg was in front of me again. I was in such shock that I turned to my husband John and said "what does he want"? and Greg put his hand out so I shook it again and he gave me a pick and said "This is for you, thank you very much." I was so surprised and happy and I thought it so very sweet of Greg to do that. I never forgot that moment. Then I think they did an encore and my husband is teasing me the whole time. "Oh look Greg is staring at you." Of course I was telling my husband to stop it! One of the best evenings ever...

Rose - Milford, CT