Sandi's Story - cont'd.

You know how easy it is to look at the people closest to you so Greg was often looking down at us!

There was a lovely young man sitting close to us with his dad. He has Down's Syndrome and was very excited to be there. He really took to Travis and me. When Sheila came down front for her number, she reached in and handed Ahren her drumsticks. He was ecstatic!

At the end of the show Travis and I went center stage and Ahren came with. One thing led to another and I shouted to Ringo that Ahren needed a hug. Ringo dropped down to the front of the stage and enfolded Ahren in his arms. Travis and I were dying! We were touching Ringo all over! At the end of the show which was just minutes later, Greg, Roger, and Ian all brought guitar picks to Ahren. It was the most beautiful concert experience I have ever had! Just thought I would share that with you.

The next morning I left from Indy with a couple other girlfriends and headed to Chicago for the Rosemont show. August was a big Beatles month what with a trip to the RRHOF and Beatlefest in addition to the two shows. I certainly hope they do it again next year.