"A Most Amazing Show" - cont'd.

My first ELP concert was in 1977. The second one, in 1992, was a bit livelier for me than the first. I attended that show with my sister, who was a "casual" ELP fan, a trait I found unacceptable. I made her learn all the lyrics to the thirteen-minute song "Pirates," lest Greg see me in the crowd in the company of some ne'er-do-well who didn't know all the words. I drilled her over and over on the song during our two and a half hour drive to the show, and, I must admit, might have drilled her a few times too many on my favorite line, where Greg sings, "I want a soft touch in the right place." (Okay! I know that line! Alright already!)

Over the years, I have of course acquired the entire ELP and Greg solo catalog, and in 1986, I became involved in record collecting as a hobby. Through record shows and trading with ELP friends here and there, I have acquired a great deal of Greg/ELP material. But, even more important are the fellow ELP fans that I've met and become involved with over the years.

Some of the greatest joys in my life have been the experiences I have had as a music fan, and the people whom I have met along the way. I met my very special and dear friend Tim at a record show; both looking for ELP, we just happened to be standing next to each other at the same table. And the rest is history. Tim, I wouldn't have you if it weren't for Greg and ELP - should we thank them, or hire hit men? Kate and Eileen - was it just by chance that we met up? I think not. You two are a great joy and a great blessing. You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

It's been great so far, and I'm looking forward to a lot more of this "most amazing show."

We love you Greg!


August 25, 2001