Terry's Treasure Hunt - cont'd.

I worked my way to a position in front of the stage that would be suitable for counting Greg's nose hairs. The following intimacies then occurred between us:

Intimacy 1: Everyone was watching Ringo (for some reason), except me of course, so no one was aware when Greg started nodding at me and smiling and gesturing, acknowledging my ELP Brain Salad Surgery T-shirt. That's right, boys and girls, he was making an effort to get MY attention. Does everyone clearly understand this? (I expect that Mr. Tim will have the ELP logo tattooed on his forehead by this Thursday). I sort of hitched up my shirt and gave him both thumbs up, acknowledging that I realized what he was trying to say.

Intimacy 2: Naturally everyone was showering Ringo with flowers and such all night long. He was very gracious and quite a cut-up, BTW. So at one point between songs, I reached over and gave Greg the flowers that I had. He reached over and took them, and I made a conscious and successful effort to touch his hand.

Intimacy 3: During the above flower exchange, I said to Greg, in very plain English that he clearly understood, "I love you." Remember that we are between songs now, so, yes, boys and girls, he clearly heard, understood and completely comprehended what I had said to him.

Intimacy 4: He looked at me like I was a complete idiot.

At this point, I got a little concerned that Greg might have security come and haul me away if I didn't stop leering at him, so I decided to divert my attention to Ringo for the moment. But just for the moment, of course, during which time the Ringo Sweat incident occurred. However, my attention was not diverted for long, which leads us to

Intimacy 5: "Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go"--during this song, I decided that I needed a memento of Greg and our intimate time together. (Conni, I'm very saddened to say that the Ultimate Concert Memorabilia that we had hoped for will not be materializing--I guess you better stop knitting those booties). I decided a guitar pick was in order. I felt certain that Beautiful Greg would come through on this, as I knew for certain that he had been aware of my presence since at least the Ian Hunter incident (details to follow). So I swooned and fawned and generally indicated to him what I wanted. When the song ended, I saw him pick two picks off the microphone stand, and I knew I was home free. He then put them IN HIS MOUTH KATE ARE YOU HEARING THIS, took them out, then walked to the edge of the stage and put one of those picks in my hot little hand.