Tom's Testimonial - cont'd.

I told him that I did know some technicians who sometimes service my own Hammonds and I would call them, but as it was going to be a Sunday, I didn't know if they would be available. In any case, I would take my own Hammond as a back-up. Keith thanked me and said that, should he need to use it, he would 'take care of it!' Hmmmmm! Yeah, right!

Sunday morning came and me and a friend of mine, Dave, took my Hammond and its associated amplification to the Apollo. We arrived and some six roadies helped us unload. My technician friend arrived soon after and there we were, on stage soldering wires back, with me holding the L100 generator just out from the L100 cabinet. Carl arrived and they started sound checking the drums. Later Greg came in and did his bit. There was no sign of Keith. He was to arrive later in the afternoon. His mother had been quite ill and Keith was coming up on the train.

All of a sudden, Will (Alexander) shouted me over, to play the grand piano, as it needed sound checking. I started 'Close to Home' which I had just learned. Everyone started moaning and groaning..... NOT THAT AGAIN! But I persevered, with a few very nervous bummers!

Later Keith arrived and me and my mate Dave took pride in sitting in an empty Apollo whilst the band ran through a few 'changes' to the set. Later Keith asked me if I needed any tickets or passes. I quickly rang round a few friends and also rang my sister and brother in law. And all of them had tickets and passes that evening.

After the show, back stage, Greg said to Keith....'Ever heard him play?' (Meaning yours truly!) Keith said: 'Yeah!' And Greg told him about the sound check and how, when I started playing, he though that Keith had arrived. WOW! That was my greatest ever ELP moment.

TOM (Keyboardist with Noddy's Puncture)