New radio promos in “Sound & Video Collection”

Thanks to Betsy and Billy Wilson for passing these along! Betsy says:

Hi, Eileen —
The webmaster at a tribute site for the best radio station I ever worked for just sent me these promos for the Ladder tour’s stop in Dallas. (If you find a place for any or all on your Greg-related sites, please credit Billy Wilson at

One of these days I’ll post a note about them to the forums but not until the deadlines subside.

Interesting note about Back Door, the opening act mentioned in the
promos: Carl produced one of their albums.
That bio also makes a big deal about bass being the band’s predominant instrument … wonder what Greg thought of them in that context.
And a radio-junkie footnote: Promo #2 is voiced by Ken Rundel, who co-founded the legendary KZEW and can still be heard on

Thanks for helping us stay in touch with Greg, even peripherally …

1974-02-27-KZEW-ELP_ Memorial_Aud_1

1974-02-27-KZEW-ELP_ Memorial_Aud_2