ELP “Pirates” Redux

The last version of this video was hosted on Megaupload, and I think we all know what happened to them (urp!) So here it is, our brand-newly digitized version of the seafaring bandit adventure.


Utterflux Shows

From Veronica:

Hi friends!

Some of the live video from the “Utterflux” band’s recent show will be aired on Monday Feb. 20 , 2012 on Cablevision local channel 20 at 10 PM EST in NY. The songs are “Knife Edge” by ELP, “Cinnamon Joe” by Mark Hawdon, “He’s Alive ” by Stephanie Mitchell, “Mind Surfing With Sherman” by Jeff Smith and Veronica. If you want to upload any of it online it’s ok by me, otherwise I will upload it to www.youtube.com/ricever1 ASAP so people outside this area can watch it. I don’t know if there is any way of seeing it live on the internet. Hope you like it!!