NME reader backlash from 1974

Thanks to Tom and Mike for posting this on Facebook – it’s a reader reaction to some apparent slogging of ELP by New Musical Express in Sept. 1974. The reader drew a pretty good cartoon and NME posted it. Now it’s a part of history!



Greg reacts to virtual birthday card

Received these comments from Mr. Lake today after sending him your birthday greetings:

“As always, I never fail to be moved by the sincerity and goodwill of all the people who write in with their birthday wishes. As you know whenever I perform I always like to try and meet as many people as possible after the show just to say hello and perhaps have a chance to exchange a few words in the hope that in some way they may create a material bond to something that had previously only existed in a spiritual way through the music. When I receive these birthday messages every year it is a poignant reminder of just how meaningful and important these few moments are.

Thank you once again to you and to all who left messages.




2013 Virtual Birthday Card

November 10, 2013

Comments are now closed as this is being sent to Greg.


We’ve created the 2013 Virtual Birthday Card for Greg Lake, and it’s ready for you to sign! As in years past, we will deliver your birthday greetings to him on Nov. 10 and let you know what he says. Please observe the following guidelines:

Please limit your comments to birthday wishes only. Please do not ask when ELP are getting back together – at this point, they are not, and he has already been asked this question a million times. We just want to wish him a happy day 🙂 We reserve the right to edit or delete comments.

2013 Virtual Birthday Card