Live prog rock show with the “Utterflux” band rescheduled for Fri. 1/14/12

January 14, 2012
8:00 pmto11:59 pm

Live prog rock show with the “Utterflux” band on 1/14/12 at O’Brien’s Restaurant/Pub in Coram, NY – more details at Uttflux website,


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  1. Laura A says:

    Thanks for the early notice…now to plot a road trip!

  2. Veronica says:

    The Nov. 25th show is rescheduled for Jan.14th,2012-“THE COOL PROG FEST” with the Utterflux band- the best of 60’s and 70’s prog and original prog rock band… Our next live full band show is Jan. 14th , with at least 2 prog. rock bands, at Obriens restaurant and pub in Coram ,NY at 8 pm .The show on fri Nov.25th was resheduled to Jan. 14th. Also , The ” Creatures Of Habit ” will be playing later in the evening. We’re calling it ” The “Cool Prog Rock Fest “. Utterflux will be playing the best of Progressive Rock by ELP, UKZ , Early Pink Floyd , The Who, Genesis and The Beatles in our own origional arrangements, plus a lot of new original music that you can’t hear anywhere else, except for our live shows. The ” Creatures Of Habit ” will enchant you with their original prog rock music and soundscapes. It should be fun , come early for dinner, happy hour and a free delicious buffett , call 631-732-1141 for reservations. $10. at the door . restaurant website – , Utterflux websites – , ,

  3. Veronica says:

    Roll up , roll up , see the show! We are playing the ELP songs ” Knife Edge , Fanfare , Trilogy , Moon Child and Court Of The Crimson King “. It’s a long trip but we’ll make it worth the drive !

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