Charity Concerts, TV Appearances, & Special Projects

Greg has been involved with several fund-raising efforts and special projects in the 2000’s which are documented here.

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Greg Lake and the Who

Greg was asked to play on the Who’s “Real Good Lookin’ Boy” single in 2003. We have the recording sessions in our YouTube Channel.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

2007: Greg performed in three shows with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Cleveland on December 30th and on New Year’s Eve of 2007.

TSO Ticket Stub

TSO Ticket stub & pass from the Cleveland show
TSO pass, click to flip

YouTube Video 1
Partial clip of Greg’s “Karn Evil 9,” 12-30-07 show
YouTube Video 2
Same song as above (low quality), continued, same show
E’s GL Photos
Your WebMistress’ photos of the New Year’s Eve Show

2006: Greg did encores for two shows with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, on December 20th and 21st of 2006.

YouTube Video 1

Video excerpt of Greg’s Encore, Nassau Coliseum, NY show, 12-20-06

YouTube Video 2

Complete video (low quality) of Greg’s encore, same show

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The RD Crusaders

RD Crusaders

The 2006 version of the RD Crusaders played a charity gig for the Evelina Children’s Hospital. We have the Sunday Express review of the 2006 show in our File Cabinet.

RD Crusaders

2003 and 2004 saw Greg play with members of the Who and others for some charity concerts for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
We have three other articles in our File Cabinet regarding these earlier events:
Daily Star, “Charity Champions”
Daily Express, “Super Group”
Daily Express, “Cash Rolls In”

There is a YouTube channel with several videos of Greg performing with the RD Crusaders: RD Crusaders on YouTube
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Greg on German TV – “The Mandoki Soulmates”

Here is the clip of Greg and the “Mandoki Soulmates” performing John Lennon’s “Imagine” at the halftime of the German Soccer League game for the Asian tsunami victims, Jan. 25, 2005 (thanks to Angelika and Linda):
“Imagine” 2005

Click the image below for a slideshow of still shots from the “Imagine” video:

“50 Jahre Rock” German TV Show – “The Mandoki Soulmates”

“The Mandoki Soulmates” also appeared on German TV – here’s a video clip of Greg singing “Lucky Man” on the “50 Jahre Rock Love Songs” TV show, Nov. 24, 2004 (thanks, Linda!): “Lucky Man” 2004

Cranberries’ fansite archive with more info, pics, and a video clip:
Greg on German TV

Greg's CD collection

Greg shows off his CD collection, 2003
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