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Photos & Memorabilia Collections

ELP at the Beacon, Sept. 1997 Steve’s Drum Saga
Mario DiClaudio’s “Backstage with ELP” Photos Philip Buonpastore Photography
Neil’s Collection of Photos, Ticket Stubs, and Ads Lasse’s Collection of CD’s, rare vinyl, and others
Jeff’s Collection of snapshots & goodies Jeff’s Photos of ELP in Springfield, MA – 3/12/78
Your WebMistress’ Articles, Artifacts, & WhatNot Kate’s ELP Pages
Kate’s Springtime Surprise
Terry and Tim’s Page of Collectibles and Memorabilia Linda’s Collection of ELP photos and rare memorabilia

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Frank’s Treasures

Click cover to view entire program:

Thanks, Frank!

Frank's ticket stub
'97 Tour Shirt '97 Tour Dates
Frank’s stand-up cardboard “Works” promo sign:
Thanks, Tinky!
“We went to the Capital Centre in Landover, Md. for the Sept. 19th, 1986 Emerson, Lake and Powell concert.” Read more…

ELPowell Banner

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Tarkus Treasures

Marcos’ Tarkus car:
Tarkus Car
Tarkus Car
Tom’s Tarkus pendant, mouseover to flip:
Tarkus pendant, click to flip
Tom’s Tarkus lighter – click for detail:
Tarkus Lighter
Ed’s hand-painted jacket:
Greg, you need to sign this!
Doug’s custom autographed license plate:
Greg, you need to sign this, too!

Update: Doug got Greg to sign it:

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More Memorabilia

ELP pendant:
 Emerson, Lake and Palmer pendantELP Pin:
Emerson, Lake and Palmer pin

Ticket stub and other rare documents from the cancelled 1987 festival
Thanks, Gudrun!
Click the pic to read the saga of Steve Barber and his set of “Carl’s” drums:
Steve's Kit
Francesco, Italy, had this gold pendant made – click for detail:
Francesco's Pendant
Click to see these pins and the rest of Mark’s Collection:
Click me!
You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

ELP Lucky Man picture sleeve - Rickeeee?
We used to have more singles & picture sleeves, but they’ve been lost. If you have some, send them to us!
Thanks, Gudrun!

Emerson, Lake & Palmer at the Filmore

Taken from a program of ELP’s debut in NYC at the Filmore (thanks, Doug!).

Emerson, Lake & Palmer gatefold album cover

Autographed inner sleeve of rare German Island gatefold version of first album (thanks, Craig!)

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