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We would like to thank YOU, our loyal readers, for all your comments and support over the years. This site would not exist without you and your contributions.


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Virtual Birthday Cards

We’ve been sending Greg your birthday greetings for quite a few years now.

2001 Card ||| 2002 Card ||| 2003 Card ||| 2004 Card ||| 2005 Card
2006 Card ||| 2007 Card ||| 2010 Card ||| 2011 Card ||| 2012 Card
2013 Card ||| 2014 Card ||| 2015 Card

Read Greg’s comments upon receiving the cards


Close Encounters – your stories of meeting Greg Lake and/or the rest of ELP

Discussion Forum – join up and talk about Greg & ELP with like-minded fans

Puzzles and Polls – have some fun with trivia and vote in our polls

Classified Ads – buy, sell, or trade your Greg Lake and ELP treasures, or tell people what you are looking for

Fan Art & Contributions – Some fan-created items we’ve received over the years

GL and his pedals

Greg Lake in '72

Greg & Acoustic

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